tivo, we love you

I love living in the "technological age" sometimes. Yesterday was really one of those times.

reason #1:
I am a filer at work. I file. ("I'm a sailor. I sail." name that movie...) I make sense of mess and organize it for other people. It's really an *exciting job. So sometimes I like to listen to music to make it even more exciting [thank you pandora]. Yesterday I sat in my corner [whilst filing] and listened to conference talks from my phone. Seriously. It is the greatest thing ever, I have the "mormon radio" app on my iPhone and I can listen to conference talks, Ensign articles, or MoTab all to my hearts content. Or until my battery died. Amazing.

reason #2:
Stu and I love Biggest Loser and The Office. Well, we missed Loser because we decided to be studious students so as to not fail our tests this week. That's where TiVO came in. We watched both shows last night at Kev and Jodie's [while munching on a delicous dinner of carne, black beans and quinoa, homemade guac and salsa.. mmmmm] We don't have TV or TiVO, or DVR which is technically what it's really called? That's where parents come in handy :) So we watched Biggest Loser and The Office back to back and fast forwarded through all the commercials [except the funny ones], ahhh bliss.

k Loser this week was phenomenal!! I love this group of people, they are amazing and so strong. They are so ready to change their lives-to be better parents to their children, to live out their lives, to be happy. I hear a lot of stuff against this show-like "how did they ever let themselves get to that point?" or "why can't they just control themselves, why did they have to be on a tv show to help themselves?" Well I don't look at it that way. We all need help sometimes, [that's kind of the principle of the atonement] and these people are strong enough to admit it to the world and work with each other and their trainers to make themselves better-for their families, for themselves.

This last episode was by far one of my favorites. I cried a LOT. There was a part of the show that really stuck with me: Bob was working out with Shay [the biggest person who has ever been on the show, she was 470+ pounds] and he asked her why she was doing it, why she wanted this. She just said, "I want to be happy" and he told her that she deserved it. He made her say it.
"I deserve to be happy."
It was so hard for her to say, because all of her life she had heard otherwise, she had told herself otherwise. It hit me with such force [thank you hollywood directors] and just made me think... I may not be 300 lbs overweight, but sometimes I too hold myself back from being happy. It's only for short periods, but I get way too caught up about my appearance, my ineptitude at being the perfect housewife/yw leader, my serious talent in finding ways to waste time, the few extra pounds that seem to like my midsection and backside... These things tend to bring be down. Whis is so silly, because I LOVE my life, but the icky small stuff just always finds a way into my head. Bleh, I hate it. But I can't seem to help it either.

So I've decided this is my mantra this week: "I deserve to be happy."
My goal for this week is to quit stressing about the little stuff. I'm gonna be happy with myself.
[Okay, I actually didn't mean for the post to go here, but it just kind of came out. sorry sorry.]

Basically, thank you iPhone and TiVO for making my day uplifting, inspiring, and **humerous.

(*=sarcasm, **=due to The Office)


wsb said...

I love the biggest loser, and quinoa.. but I have no TV and haven't watched any of this season yet, glad I have something to look forward to.

Lauren said...

I wiiish we had Tivo.

Heck. I wish we had TV. haha!

Love that you listen to Mormon Radio during work :)

nate and amy crandell said...

I know I was totally crying during Biggest Loser too! thanks for the motivation I love reading your Blog!

charmaine said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment. i will take up that offer, we are now blogger friends. i love making new friends! you have a beautiful blog too!

God Bless,

Bev said...

You are amazing! You are wise beyond your years!! I love your new motto.......and as far as technology goes, you have to be smart enough to know how to use it. We have to get the 6 yr old grandson to show us how to do stuff! Sad but true!

angela hardison said...

i wish we had tivo, but i don't and it's probably better for my time management :)

you do deserve to be happy! we all do.