blessing day

On September 11th, our Maisy Jane was given a name and a blessing by her daddy. It was such a great day filled with the spirit and lots of time with family.

I was obsessed with how cute she looked in her dress :) She was lucky enough to get a custom-made blessing dress from her Grandma Willcox who is an award-winning seamstress! She looked like a little princess. The blessing was was short and sweet. Maisy got some stage fright and started to cry about a minute into it... But it was okay, I think Stu was impressed to say all of the most important blessings first and it was perfect. I'm so grateful for a husband who honors his priesthood, who has been able to bless our family so much through his worthiness. Maisy loves her daddy and it's clear why :)

I keep thinking back to the nights when I was pregnant and Stu and I would discuss name possibilities, we couldn't decide on one that we felt was THE ONE for our little girl. "Maisy" didn't make the list until about 2 months before she was born. I was working when I first heard the name and I remember looking it up when I got home. I found out that it means "pearl" and that pretty much sealed the deal for me... To me, pearls symbolize beauty and purity and I loved the added meaning behind the name. Stu still needed some time to be sure, but there was no doubt that she was Maisy Jane Milne when he saw her for the first time :)

We had a little family get together after church with some yummy food at my parents house. It was so nice to be able to spend time with all my family in one place. My grandma, Maisy's Great Grandma Laverne, was finally able to meet our sweet girl. It was so neat to have four generations in one place!

We love you Maisy, and are so grateful for the light you bring to our lives :)