I don't have much time, but I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing person I know! Stu turns the big 2-5 today! I LOVE you baby!


dear sister,

You think you can just go away to college all grown up and stuff? No sir. Not allowed.

Jamie (baby sis) and I talked yesterday and cried about how much we're going to miss you. Even though you're only 2 hours away. But that's what it's like when your sisters are your best friends. The Three Musketeers. It's hard not to be able to see each other just when you want to, share clothes and exchange shoes, chit chat about every little thing imaginable, go on shopping trips and get some fro-yo therapy... I hate that you're gone.

But, I am so PROUD of you little sister. I am so excited for you; you get to live on your own, have new experiences with new friends, date college boys, learn to live the dorm life, experience a few all-nighters, feel your testimony grow by taking institute, eat hot pockets... I'm excited for the growth I will no doubt see in you by the end of this first semester. Jamie and I also talked about what an incredible person you are. So kind, so smart, so beautiful- inside and out. There's no question in my mind that you will do so well in school, and have the time of your life :)

i LOVE you Tina! Miss you so much!

p.s. I'm kinda glad that you have a weird-ish, lizard-obsessed roommate... that means you'll come home more on the weekends right?


so this is love..

Let me set the record straight... cheetos and I have never had a good relationship. The idea of cheese-flavored puffy, crunchy snack sticks kind of gross me out. But then, Stu and I tried these somewhere and we quickly became addicts. You better believe that I lick my fingers clean of their cheesy/jalapeno-y goodness... YUM!
(try a bag!)


"...temple work crosses worldly boundaries to bring eternal blessings to all the inhabitants of the earth. The temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are truly built for the benefit of all the world, irrespective of nationality, culture, or political orientation."

"The temple teaches us about the sacred purpose of life and helps us get our true physical and spiritual bearings."

"The temple recommend is a symbol of our faithfulness and determination to serve the Lord."

Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Every foundation stone that is laid for a Temple, and every Temple completed, lessens the power of Satan on the earth, and increases the power of God and Godliness.
Pres. George Q. Cannon (the beloved Cannon Centers' namesake)

Just a few of my favorite thoughts from this months First Presidency Message. Oh how I love the temple.


last weeks trip up to payson and flag!

Stu and I have been planning a little getaway for a little while now. We hadn't gone any where for vacation since California, and we hadn't gone a trip together, just us, since maybe last fall? We had sooo much fun, especially since we got to get out of the heat for a little bit. We stayed at the Majestic Mountain Inn, with a name like that it has to be amazing right? Well it was! It was such a cute little place nestled in the pines. Plus we got to eat at our favorite Beeline Cafe, if you're ever in Payson you HAVE to go! PS get the pie, you won't be sorry.

Then we decided to head up to Flagstaff and see the Cardinals practice! Stu lives for football so it was fun to see our favorite players gearing up for the upcoming season. Plus we got to see our favorite ex-cougar QB, Max Hall practicing right alongside Leinhart and Anderson. So rad. We talked with some of his family and his super cute wife who said things are looking good for him.

one happy boy.

I love that we can enjoy so many things together. Of course with anything we're doing, as long as we're together, it's always fun. I love this guy. And I reallllly love making him happy :)

Our pick for the Cards starting quarterback! Still waiting for Leinhart to show up...


We had the opportunity to go to Stu's brothers home today, so Stu could participate in blessing his niece before she goes in for an operation tomorrow morning. I watched as the brothers gathered around her sweet head and blessed her with the authority from Heavenly Father. It humbles me completely to know of the power these worthy men hold, I am so grateful for it. We will continue to pray for little Bela, and we know that Heavenly Father is watching over their family.

Please keep them in your prayers. You can read about Bela's amazing journey here.

sure do love this little girl.


better reality

I know I'm pretty slacking in my posts lately, Stu and I have just been busy soaking up all the greatness of this Arizona summer :) I promise I'll get better, there's so much to update!

You know when you just wake up on the right side of the bed? Today was one of those days for me. Well, actually, I rolled out on the left side of the bed--but you know what I mean. I had to be at work early, and I woke up late, but I just felt so happy and eager for the day. I'm pretty sure it had to do with my dream last night. It was so weird, it was like I went back in time to the night Stu proposed and lived out my memory. I LOVED it. Well when I got home I looked back at the post I wrote about the night Stu proposed and was just filled with so many warm fuzzlies. Stu knew how much I love Kalai and bought us tickets to his concert and planned to propose afterward. It was the greatest. Here we are almost two years later... Sometimes I can't believe where our life together has brought us, it's incredible. One of my favorite of his songs is "Divide Me" -- these lyrics describe exactly how I feel every day when I wake up next to the love of my life.

I've waited my whole life to feel this blessed
now I'm comparing the dream to the way it is...
and i know i never dreamed anything up this good.