baby on board!!!

We could NOT be more excited! We're going to be parents!!! We waited to announce this for a little bit, but I couldn't hold it in any longer :) We can't wait to start this new chapter of our life together!!!

We waited a little long to send out Christmas cards (I made them all up, but I just never got around to printing and sending them) So consider this our card this year!



This past month has been a little crazy with work and stu finishing up his semester at school. We got all of our decorations up, started our Christmas shopping, even baked some yummy Christmas treats. But we haven't had time to do some of our favorite things! I can't wait for this next week, I have every night planned with fun "get-us-in-the-christmas-spirit" things. Here's my checklist :)

We had my office Christmas party a couple days ago, it was so fun! I love getting together and seeing everyone out of scrubs and ready to have a good time :) We got our first Christmas present at the white elephant gift exchange that my doctors hosted. Can I just say that I LOVE my job?!! Stu and I got a Wii and an extra controller to enjoy- good thing too, we are absolutely obsessed with JustDance!!! This definitely gave us a head-start on getting in the spirit for Christmas, so excited for this next week!!

here's a pic of all the ladies of RME (minus aubrey) LOVE THEM!!!


I had a good talk with a friend yesterday. We just talked about what was going on in her life; it wasn't so much her story, but her insights related to the story that affected me. It lasted no more than 20 minutes, and I'm sure she doesn't know the impact she had on my day.

This is something I've been thinking on ever since.

There is only one source where all things negative originate: Satan. Any negative thought, negative judgement, negative action starts with Satan. He is manipulative, cunning, and he probably knows us better than we think we know ourselves. No good things come from him. If we give in to those negative thoughts, even momentarily, we give power to Satan. We let him win, even if it is for an instant, he has gained a victory.

A lot of my "negative" thinking is about myself... Now don't get me wrong, I am so happy about my life and the people in it. I LOVE MY LIFE. I know I am incredibly blessed. But I have weaknesses. And I know that my biggest one is to be overly critical about myself. (and i can be kind of a messy person) One thought can put a damper on my day, because I choose to dwell on it. And then of course I make it bigger than it is by analyzing other things that are "wrong" with me or I think about things I should be better at, or what I can do to make others happier. yadda yadda... vicious cycle. And I know I won't change over night. But I know that thinking about negative thinking in this way,
remembering that these thoughts are coming from satan, that he is winning when I give in to these thoughts, well it just makes me want to fight it all the more.

I'm starting my new years resolution early... What do you say friends? Can we choose to combat satan one ugly thought at a time?

tender mercy of the day: yesterday was just a good day for self-reflection... As I was driving out to one of our other offices, I switched the radio station and found a classic- "the middle" by one of the greats, Jimmy Eat World. It's been one of my faves for years, I've heard it a million and a half times, but I think yesterday is the first time I've really listened to it. If you have some time, I would grab your ipod and click on over to it... it really is good for the soul.


planning a trip

Guess what?!!

Mine and Stu's 2 year anniversary is coming up! (I know, crazy.)
I'm in charge this year, which means that I get to plan the trip and surprise Stu with something fun :)
Any suggestions? We really only have 2-3 days that we can be away from work/school so we're thinking it needs to be something close.

maybe some of this?

or this?

(i wish...)

I personally think just some(maybe a lot) of this would be beyond perfect...


i need witnesses

i, angie milne, will NOT cut my hair (only trim/shaping appointments) until it has reached optimal length. (approx. 24-36 inches) i needed to make this public so that i can be held accountable in case i get the urge to cut it short again...

this is the goal people:


oh dear...

these bad boys have been so tasty lately...
not so good for the hips, especially when paired with all the yummy holiday treats i've been downing.


christmas is coming!

still need photos taken for holiday cards?

interested in a mini-session???

$40 for 20 mins of quality photo time
at a location of your choice
and 15+ edited images on a disc for you!
email me for details:

p.s. isn't this family just the cutest?!! some of my favorite clients ever!