"sometimes life hands you a crap sandwich.. you just gotta smile and take a bite!"
-- Joann Milne

i have the best in-laws :) I hope this doesn't embarrass her... love you Jodie!


rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.
--mario fernandez

Today was not my favorite day. I kind of had a little "poor me" sesh as I sat at home staring out at the gloomy, rainy day. I was just kind of frustrated about a few things that are going on right now. It's been reaffirmed to me lately though, that attitude is truly everything. I can't change what happens, but I can decide how I'm going to react/think about it. The best way get out of a slump is to stop thinking about the bad and focus on the good. I know, easier said than done... That's where ice cream comes in. Luckily I have a great husband, great family and friends, and a whole lot of blessings I can focus on to pull me out of the dumps.

This picture is from a senior shoot last week. Doesn't it just make your insides warm?


two words: gordon bombay

I started feeling sickness creep in last night night as Stu and I ran to the grocery store and grabbed some last minute essentials (aka two tubs of ice cream) to stock up before Sunday. This morning Stu started feeling it. Not good. So trying to take it easy, we ate some brothy soup for dinner and cuddled up to half-watch some classics. (half-watch because we were falling in and out of sleep the whole time)

I've come to this conclusion: D2 is one of the greatest movies of all time.

I don't understand it, I never get sick. Or I never did before. Now It seems like I'm sick every other week? I don't get it. Help? Hopefully we can recoup before our work week starts... in 7 hours... crap.



my sister is b-e-a-utiful.
and i love her so much.
and i can't believe she is graduating.
this year.
hooooly cow.
this photo is from her senior sesh last week.
model? i think yes.

book your senior session today!
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it's all over folks!

Stu did the drawings this time, and I am ecstatic about his picks!
The fates (or the little pieces of paper with your names on them) have spoken...


Congratulations! I'm excited to get with you this week for your sessions!
Email me at angiehmilne@gmail.com

Thank you to those who joined in on the game, I am grateful for your support! I really am loving this part of my life and loving learning to further develop my eye as a photographer. ps i am super happy with the quotes you all came up with, made my day!

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I'm currently editing photos from a wedding Stu and I shot this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful! Nothing beats taking pictures of beautiful people in love :) I'm excited to share my favorite images from the day! Coming soon!


everybody loves a giveaway

Truth be told, since I've started my new job I've only opened my schedule to a few photo shoots in the last couple months. Thank you to those who have been referring, and sorry to those who I've had to send elsewhere. It's been MONTHS since I updated the photo blog. I need to get on that, it's pathetic... Thank you so much for your patience!

But I have some fun news! This week is spring break for me (no work and NO SCHOOL) and I would love to get some more time behind my baby! Plus I have expanded my photo editing software arsenal and I am soooo excited to use it!
So to celebrate spring break-ness, I'm offering 2 mini-sesh giveaways and a 50% discount off all shoots this next week! endless possibilities... product photography, baby pictures, senior portraits, family, friends, pets, bowling posse...

giveaway rules: (because they all need rules right?)

---three chances for entry:
. leave a comment telling me what you'd have in mind for your session and your favorite Office quote (if you do not partake in the awesomeness that is The Office, Heavy Weights (the movie) is a suitable alternative)
. FOLLOW ME... or die. Okay, totally kidding... maybe. (two points for you if you follow both blogs)
. Leave a nice large Diet Coke on my doorstep. Crushed ice please. (don't really do this, i would feel weird. i just needed a 3rd rule.)

---giveaway ends monday at 9pm
---mini-sesh must take place during this next week. march 16th-20th.

winners will receive:
---30 mins to 1 hour of camera loving
---a disc of fully edited images with rights to print
---one of my pretty florbric creations (floral-fabric? hmmm not too catchy, is it? i'll have to work on a better name...)
---and a new car! well not really, unless you like matchbox style. i can do that.

If you would just like to book a session for this week at half-price (steal!) email me and we can work out all the details. Weather this week is absolutely b-e-a-utiful! I will travel to various locations, I have a few 'regular' sites that I know and love if you would like ideas. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Giveaway ends Monday at 9pm!!!
ps if you don't care about the giveaway, but would still like to post your favie office quote, please do.


newfound respect

I had a really neat experience yesterday at work. Well, I don't know if "neat" is really the right word.

As I sat my first patient of the day, she handed me a form that she needed signed, one that I guess she had to take back to her military base. This may seem weird, but I've never really had much contact with any military personnel. As we talked, she explained that she needed to get her teeth taken care of before she left for her second tour. She was going to Iraq this time. I couldn't imagine she was much older than me, and when I asked, she said she would be celebrating her 22nd birthday next month. Same as me. I started to feel the tears build as she told me she spent her 19th birthday in Afghanistan. She met her husband there, they've been married for just over a year. Same as Stu and I. I just couldn't believe how young she was, and how much she has had to face already in her life. But she had no fear, no hesitation in her voice when she told me, "it's just what I've always planned to do." As she left, I teared up again and asked if I could give her hug, which seems like such a small act now. I just needed some way to show my gratitude. She was gracious and obliged, then left for another day of "work."

To all those who have dedicated their lives in service to this country and the millions of people you don't even know, thank you.


some mysterious feeling

So... I have to preface this post with a "don't judge me" plea. One fateful night a few weeks ago, I convinced Stu to watch The Bachelor with me, and we got hooked. I've never been one to watch those types of reality TV shows, I always found them silly! But to be serious, we started to look forward to Monday nights and new episodes! (yeah, it's pathetic, I know) Well anyway, we only caught the last part of the season finale last night, just in time for Jake to send Tenley home. Idiot. Okay, I (and all the girls at RME) thought he made a bad choice. But I was thinking about what he said on the after-show (yes, we watched the after-show), that there was something he had with the other one, that he didn't have with Tenley. And he couldn't explain it, it was just a "mysterious thing." Although it may be debatable that he's truly "in love" with the other one... I feel like I can relate to that description of love. Love is a mysterious thing! A wonderful, incredible, all-consuming thing. Love helps me get out of bed in the morning, love makes me want to be a better person, love makes me super excited for the future, love makes this crazy life livable. I'm so happy to have found this :) love you so much Stu!

"You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
spin like a record
crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh... you make me smile.

thank you uncle kracker

I don't know what brought this post on, I am just so in love with life, and the love of my life!