We're Alive, I Promise!

It's been forever since the last post! Just know that we are alive and kicking over here. It's just been a CRAZY month with:

School (anatomy is not my friend)
Multiple date-nights to RA
Sub-ins for Co-Ed Softball (Stu was injured, injured bad)
Budgeting Seminar
Church Responsibilities
6 Month Anniversary
New iPhones (how did we ever live without them??)
Amazing San Diego Trip with the Milne Fam

I have made zero trips to the gym in the last month, ZERO. You best believe that needs to change. (especially being in the middle of swim suit season, helloooo) Now that I don't have class for a while --- I resolve to hit the gym {HARD}, spend more time with my hubby, finish all of my crafting projects, especially the quilt I started in October, create an efficient monthly budget (and stick to it), all while keeping this blog updated. Expect a post soon!