HOW did Ron make it to the final four?? (If you're not a Biggest Loser fan, you won't understand.) Stu and I don't love him AT ALL. He's such a sneaky bum. I love the relationship that he has with Mike, they are so close, but what is he teaching his son?? Such a dirty rat. And were so many other people who actually DESERVE it! Ugh.

Ps I don't want Mike to win. I'm rooting for Tara ALL THE WAY!!!

Can't wait for the finale!


Attempt at Being Artsy..

I wanted to take some pictures of the kids I nanny as a gift for their mommma and the pictures turned out pretty good! (at least I think so..) Stu is getting me some legit photo editing software so I can make it a full blown hobby. I'm excited!

ADORABLE kids right? Love them.


"Pat, Pat, Pat..."

No, I'm not quoting Little Einsteins.. That's what we've been chanting this past week, getting ourselves pumped for Pat's Run! It was this morning at 7 in the AM (already a challenge for me) and then a 4.2 mile course! (an even BIGGER challenge) Don't get me wrong, I love exercise, but running has NEVER been my forte. Stu's either. Anyway, we were pretty stoked for it, me especially since Stu got me so super cute new running shorts for Easter.. It was really great! We all ran pretty well, I'm super proud of Stu who had awesome time! I did okay, I hope to do better next time though. They do the run every year in honor of Pat Tillman, who was killed during his tour in Iraq.

It was amazing to see all those who went out to participate, they said there were over 20,000 people there! My favorite was seeing the army troops running together as a group with Pats number on their shoulder, it was really touching. So super thanks to Stu's mom Joann for signing us up! Pictures later... sorry!

My birthday is tomorrow! Yippee!


Easter Sunday

I haven't had any time to blog since Easter, but we had a blast and I wanted to share our fun!

So, Stu and I planned to hide eggs around our apartment for each other, with cute notes and goodies and stuff AND easter baskets, but we had to speak on Sunday and we left that to the last minute, meaning we had no time to do our own easter thing.. but it has not been forgotten, we rescheduled our easter to be next week. Our families came to see us talk in church, and it was perfect becuause they announced Stu's new calling! About a month ago, Stu and I met with the stake president and he was asked to be the elders quorum president in our ward! We were completely shocked and waited (the whole meeting) for the "just kidding!" but it never came. He's the YOUNGEST guy in the quorum! Luckily, we've had time to adjust and now I am just so excited for him! He was set apart after the block and I really have never heard so many blessings promised to one person, there were even some promises for me mingled in there. We have been so blessed since moving back to Mesa, it really is the right place for us to be right now! It is so crazy, when we were choosing an apartment to live in, we were trying to decide between a couple places around the same area. When it came down to two complexes, Stu suggested that we pray about it (isn't he so great?) and we just felt so good about this place we're at now, Stu said he felt "that this is where I think we can do the most good." Weird right? At the time, we were thinking about missionary work but I guess this is what the Lord had planned for us. So anyway, this is the next year or so of our life! Bring it on!

Isn't he just so handsome?

After Church we headed over to my parents for an easter egg hunt and tasty dinner. Soooo good! I LOVE Easter dinner! Here are some pics:

Later we went to Stu's for a second dinner :) The whole Milne fam was there, it was so fun! We got to meet my sister-in-law's new beau, totally so cute together! No pictures from that sadly, but it really was so nice to be surrounded by family all day.

All in all, Easter was GREAT!


I'm Excited About..

There are so many things that have been going on this past week and so many things to look forward to! Here are some things we were/are excited about..

1. General Conference

We got together at Stu's parents and made yummy breakfasts while watching conference this year. It was SO good, (I'm not talking about the food, although we did make some pretty tasty chocolate banana coconut pancakes..) there were so many things I loved about the talks.

Favie fave quotes:

"We need strong Christians who can make things happen through their faith."

D. Todd Christofferson

"When we keep the commandments, come what may, we will have no reason to worry."

Richard G. Scott

“You can’t do a Google search to gain a testimony.”
M. Russell Ballard

“Fear not; Be of good cheer. Our future is as bright as our faith.”
President Thomas S. Monson,

And I feel like I heard so much about temple work this year, I am so excited for the new temples in Arizona so that so many more can be blessed with the wonderful work we do there. President Monson said that he is so grateful for temple dedications because it gives us a chance to "rededicate" ourselves to the work and our Heavenly Father. I love the gospel, it fills my life with so much purpose and joy! To find out more about the church, click here.

2. Our Cable got Shut OFF

So Stu and I were getting cable on our TV ever since we moved in (although we weren't paying for any service) and all of a sudden, with a evil note on our door, it was GONE. The note was from Cox saying that we had been getting free cable the past few months by error and that if we wanted it back we can call a number and order it. Those TRICKSTERS! We think they do that so people get hooked on their shows and then they HAVE to order it.. And it totally works too! Well we haven't ordered it yet because we are trying to see if we really NEED it, and so far its been fine. Take that COX!!


This might be the reason we are okay without the cable.. We decided one night a couple weeks ago, to find out why everyone was obsessed with Lost. We are HOOKED. We're watching the first season online and it is soo addicting! TWICE we've stayed up till 3am watching..

4. Best Fish and Rolled Tacos EVER

Stu and I are really into this place called Senor taco, soooo good! It's like a super fili's that tastes better and doesn't make you worried that you might have to make multiple bathroom trips in the middle of the night. The fish tacos are only $1.69 and sooo good! Try it, you'll LOVE it!

5. The Totally Awesome V-necks from Wally World

I live in these shirts now that I got a new pack of them, I'm thinking about dyeing them different colors so I can wear them everyday without people thinking I'm dirty and never change my shirt. Only problem: I don't really know how to do this, suggestions?

6. Easter Pageant

I went with my Young Women last night to the pageant and it was sooo good! I haven't gone in three years because I've always been up at school, darn that BYU.. My dad is in it this year too so that was especially cool. He came over and talked with the girls in all his garb, he's a pharisee and his costume was tiiight. He was blinged out with gold rings and necklaces and a sweet little hat.
He's the third one in from the left. You looked great pops!

7. Easter Sunday!

I LOVE Easter. I love the egg-shaped reeses that you can only get at easter time (they taste better than normal reeses) and cadbury eggs! Not the ones that have gushy stuff in them though, those are gross. I love easter baskets, Stu and I are totally doing baskets for eachother, PLUS hiding eggs for each other around our apartment with goodies and little notes on the inside :) But my favorite favorite part of Easter time is thinking about the love of our Savior. I am so grateful for all that he has done for me. know that Christ LIVES, and because He lives we all have a chance to live with our families again.

(oooh something we are NOT so excited about, Stu and I are speaking in church this Sunday..)

8. This Month is Such a Special One..

My birthday is on the 19th, less than 2 weeks! I'm turning 21!!! I don't know what to think of it. Of course I am excited for my BIRTHDAY, but I don't know about the whole "21" thing. An Adult? Me? Pshhhh. Stu and I are going to the Vegas to celebrate though! I am sooo excited!


A Heavenly Experience

Recognize these photos?

They are part of the amazing "Reflections of Christ" photo series done by Mark Mabry.

And guess WHAT?!!
My sister and I got to MEET him today!

Mark is has been working on another series about Christ in the Americas and he asked a couple weeks ago if we would take part in one of the shoots! Most of what he's doing will take place in Honduras, but he wanted some "darker" skinned men and women to be angels for some of the new scenes. Talk about awesome! (I never really thought of myself as darker, but I'm so glad I got to be a part of this!)

This is what the last angel scene looked like:

To get the angels to look all floaty last time they had a trampoline set up and he had everyone jump separately and pose in midair. Sounds easy right? NOT AT ALL. My sister and I were there with the group this morning and I was jumping around and diving onto my stomach (angelically, of course) I just hope that there was a good picture in there..

This is a picture of me from my camera, graceful right?

We don't know what he's going to end up using, just what works best with all the other pictures eventually, so hopefully they fit in with the others! Even though, I am just so glad I got to have this opportunity to meet him and to prepare myself spiritually to play the part of an angel. The "Reflections of Christ" photos have had such an impact on so many lives, even bringing some nonmembers to the church. So amazing.