I'm Excited About..

There are so many things that have been going on this past week and so many things to look forward to! Here are some things we were/are excited about..

1. General Conference

We got together at Stu's parents and made yummy breakfasts while watching conference this year. It was SO good, (I'm not talking about the food, although we did make some pretty tasty chocolate banana coconut pancakes..) there were so many things I loved about the talks.

Favie fave quotes:

"We need strong Christians who can make things happen through their faith."

D. Todd Christofferson

"When we keep the commandments, come what may, we will have no reason to worry."

Richard G. Scott

“You can’t do a Google search to gain a testimony.”
M. Russell Ballard

“Fear not; Be of good cheer. Our future is as bright as our faith.”
President Thomas S. Monson,

And I feel like I heard so much about temple work this year, I am so excited for the new temples in Arizona so that so many more can be blessed with the wonderful work we do there. President Monson said that he is so grateful for temple dedications because it gives us a chance to "rededicate" ourselves to the work and our Heavenly Father. I love the gospel, it fills my life with so much purpose and joy! To find out more about the church, click here.

2. Our Cable got Shut OFF

So Stu and I were getting cable on our TV ever since we moved in (although we weren't paying for any service) and all of a sudden, with a evil note on our door, it was GONE. The note was from Cox saying that we had been getting free cable the past few months by error and that if we wanted it back we can call a number and order it. Those TRICKSTERS! We think they do that so people get hooked on their shows and then they HAVE to order it.. And it totally works too! Well we haven't ordered it yet because we are trying to see if we really NEED it, and so far its been fine. Take that COX!!


This might be the reason we are okay without the cable.. We decided one night a couple weeks ago, to find out why everyone was obsessed with Lost. We are HOOKED. We're watching the first season online and it is soo addicting! TWICE we've stayed up till 3am watching..

4. Best Fish and Rolled Tacos EVER

Stu and I are really into this place called Senor taco, soooo good! It's like a super fili's that tastes better and doesn't make you worried that you might have to make multiple bathroom trips in the middle of the night. The fish tacos are only $1.69 and sooo good! Try it, you'll LOVE it!

5. The Totally Awesome V-necks from Wally World

I live in these shirts now that I got a new pack of them, I'm thinking about dyeing them different colors so I can wear them everyday without people thinking I'm dirty and never change my shirt. Only problem: I don't really know how to do this, suggestions?

6. Easter Pageant

I went with my Young Women last night to the pageant and it was sooo good! I haven't gone in three years because I've always been up at school, darn that BYU.. My dad is in it this year too so that was especially cool. He came over and talked with the girls in all his garb, he's a pharisee and his costume was tiiight. He was blinged out with gold rings and necklaces and a sweet little hat.
He's the third one in from the left. You looked great pops!

7. Easter Sunday!

I LOVE Easter. I love the egg-shaped reeses that you can only get at easter time (they taste better than normal reeses) and cadbury eggs! Not the ones that have gushy stuff in them though, those are gross. I love easter baskets, Stu and I are totally doing baskets for eachother, PLUS hiding eggs for each other around our apartment with goodies and little notes on the inside :) But my favorite favorite part of Easter time is thinking about the love of our Savior. I am so grateful for all that he has done for me. know that Christ LIVES, and because He lives we all have a chance to live with our families again.

(oooh something we are NOT so excited about, Stu and I are speaking in church this Sunday..)

8. This Month is Such a Special One..

My birthday is on the 19th, less than 2 weeks! I'm turning 21!!! I don't know what to think of it. Of course I am excited for my BIRTHDAY, but I don't know about the whole "21" thing. An Adult? Me? Pshhhh. Stu and I are going to the Vegas to celebrate though! I am sooo excited!


nate and amy crandell said...

Angela I am so glad you guys LOVE Lost now!! this makes me so happy! and should we do a party for our birthdays mines on monday!

Lauren said...

I wanted to go to Vegas so bad when I turned 21...but alas! I hope you have fun!

I loved this post!

wsb said...

I love fish tacos. SO much.

Jarod and Tanya Rollins said...

You can dye the shirts with RIT clothing dye. You can buy it pretty much at any store-I got some at Wal-mart the last time I used it to dye some t-shirts for Halloween! There are two methods it suggests. One is with the washing machine (I don't recommend it because than your washing machine would be yucky) or you can do it on the stove with boiling water (which is how I did mine). I dyed a shirt orange and one yellow for mac and cheese. The colors came out so bright it was amazing! Have fun!

nate and amy crandell said...

yes we should all go to dinner! I think Nate has Stu's number so I will have him call you guys :)

Jeff and Jenny said...

Hey... You are so cute. This is Jenny Johnson from YW's. I am so glad to have someone else in there my age. I can't wait to get to know you better. You are so cute. See you next Sunday!!

dani said...

Please spill the beans on where that Taco Shop is. We are obessed with Mexican food!!

BaileeB said...

You are just darling.... I miss you! I hope marriage life is just wonderful. I hope for that someday... ha Love ya girl!

Davis and Melanie Erickson said...

I just got a package of those shirts too. I wore them almost everyday this week because of the way my classes are. I never see anyone two days in a row. Haha. I wish I was there with you, we could have a dieing party together. Love you tons.

j'mappelle shontel said...

lover. where have you been the last 2 years of my life. haha thank you for the compliment. you are sweet. and you're married. haha i love it. congrats. you look amazing. how's life?

Stu and Angie Milne said...

mmmm senor taco (there might be more, but this is the only one i know of) is off mckellips and power. SOOO good!

Kim & Max Willis family said...

thanks girlie for the Birthday wishes!! by he way your talk was fabulous on Sunday(Stu's too)!We miss you in primary, but the young women are lucky to have you!!! Oh my goodness you b-day is coming up to-- 21! okay I feel old now- yikes- I just turned 27- now I am old!

Beary Bee said...

So I would just like to point out that your blog is VERY cute. And as for pic #7 I believe of your Easter Post MY dad is in that as well. On the far right side! Fun stuff!

Beary Bee said...

Just double checked and it is picture number 6. Ha ha.