Maisy Jane Milne
born June 15, 2011
7 lbs 13 ounces
20 inches

It's taken a long time for me to get around to writing this post... Getting used to life with this baby girl has been a fun/amazing/difficult challenge. It's hard for me to even get away from her to take a nap, let alone blog about her. She is just so amazing to me, I just want to look at her and hold her all day long. (sorry to those I haven't called/text back the last week, I promise I'm not ignoring you!) All I know is that Stu and I could not be happier, we just LOVE our little Maisy so much and can't seem to remember life without her.

So I started having contractions the morning of the 14
th, not even an hour after I told Stu that "Today is the day! She's coming, I just know it!" Little did I know... I went to work like normal and after having 4 contractions during one treatment, I decided to start timing them. They were coming in at 15 minutes apart- no big deal right? After two hours they were about 12 minutes, then another two hours brought me to 10 minutes apart... We were only scheduled to work until noon that day, and by the time I left the contractions were about 7-8 minutes apart! I even went around and gave all the girls hugs in case I wasn't back the next day- I was so sure she was coming :) Haha. Stu decided to leave work to have lunch with me because we were thinking that we should probably have some time "just us" if she really was on her way! Well I got bummed because right after lunch, the contractions went back to 15 minutes apart! Dang it... That night I went and got a pedicure with two of my sisters and then went home after helping my little sister pack a little for college- noticing that my contractions were getting more uncomfortable as the day went on. About 9pm that night, they started getting downright painful, but still 7-8 minutes apart. (my Dr told me to come in once they were 5 mins apart) Finally about 12:45am I decided they were too uncomfortable and told Stu that we were going to the hospital and that I needed to shave my legs. (yes, I know.. I'm ridiculous) My contractions were only 6 mins apart, but while I was in the shower I had a few that were less than 3 mins apart! At this point, Stu started to freak out a bit and quickly got everything together. I had already put the emergency bag in the car that afternoon, so we were all set! We headed over the hospital and were checked in at 1:30am! We called my mom on the way who immediately left for the hospital to be with us. They checked me out and found out I was already at 6cm (I was at 3.5 cm at my last Drs appt). The nurse asked me if I was ready for my epidural in between contractions, and at first I wasn't so sure I needed it yet, but boy did that next contraction change my mind!

about 3am, after getting the IV and epidural... SO swollen and tired...

It took 4 tries by a nursing student before they got a successful IV... OUCH. But once that was in, they were able to get the epidural going! Once the epidural was in, we were all able to relax and Stu and my mom were able to get some rest because they told me it would be a few hours. It was so nice being able to look at the monitor and see the peaks indicating contractions and not feeling a thing :) I couldn't sleep a wink, I was so anxious! They kept checking me about every 2 hours and by 6am I was dilated to 8cm and Dr Huish came in to break my water. I was able to start pushing a little before 8am... This was probably the worst part (of the delivery) for me. I couldn't figure out HOW to push! I was numb from the belly button down for crying out loud... But I had good support in the room that kept me going :) I am so grateful for Stu and my mom, I really could not have done it without them! They were amazing. Finally, after the most tiring hour of my life, Maisy Jane Milne was born at 8:52am! Her lungs worked PERFECTLY- she had the cutest little cry right from the beginning. Stu was there to cut the umbilical cord and did a great job! (her belly button is sooo cute) As soon as I saw her, I feel like a gush of emotions just flooded from me... I just started bawling, which was kind of embarrassing, but I couldn't help it! I instantly felt an all-consuming love for my precious little girl. "Oh she is so beautiful," I kept saying over and over. Stu was right by my side the entire time and held both of us close, I know he was feeling the same way. We were already so in love with our little girl :)

The nurses then took Maisy (she technically wasn't named at this point) to wipe her down a bit and get her measurements. She was a perfect 20inches and weighed in at 7lbs 12.5oz. They gave her back to me to try and nurse her for the first time, and I just remember her feeling so small in my arms. She didn't really get to latch the first time because I started feeling some intense pains and the nurses took her away from me so they could see what was going on. They handed her off to Stu who kept watching me to make sure I was okay... Thankfully, Stu's mom and my sisters came in to see us about this time distracting him from what was going on with me. He proudly held her and showed her off to our families while the nurses took care of me.

The nurses knew soon after that something wasn't completely right and called my doctor back. Before I knew what was going on, I was getting rushed to the OR and was knocked out for a procedure because I started hemorrhaging. I remember looking around the room to make sure my two loves were taken care of. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ICU without my baby... It was terrible. Luckily, Stu was right there when I woke up. It took a while for me to understand what had happened, and even longer for me cope with the fact that I couldn't hold my little girl. Good news was that they were able to stop the bleeding to save me and my uterus for future Milne babies... The nurses reassured me over and over that our little one was perfectly healthy and that they were taking good care of her in the nursery. Stu spent most of his time with me, but he went down every so often to feed baby girl and spend some quality daddy-daughter time with her. They told me that she would need to stay in the nursery until I was well enough to go back down to the post-partum floor... I was devastated. She was able to visit me late that night though, and it was the greatest thing in the world to be able to hold her and see her sweet little face again.

I think I was a little bit determined to get better and back downstairs with her, so I did everything I could to heal fast! I ate every last bit of my meals,
drank insane amounts of water, took all my meds and I even told the nurse to take my dang catheter out so I could show them that I could walk and use the bathroom by myself! Well, it worked :) I got to move down the next afternoon, and our family was complete again! So happy!!! Sidenote: I am so grateful for my husband, he is the most amazing man I know, and the most incredible daddy to our little girl. I've always called him my rock and my happy place because he keeps me grounded and can make me happy no matter what. He was so amazing during the whole thing---but he told me I'm NEVER allowed to scare him like that again... Oh I love him so much! And I know little Maisy ADORES him... She loves to stare at him and melts in his arms (kinda like her mommy). And we can't figure it out but she LOVES sucking on his, ONLY HIS, finger... so funny! We are so lucky to have this man in our lives :)

Anyway, we had to stay at the hospital a few more days so we were so grateful for the amazing support from our family and friends who did so much for us through prayers, service, and even just bringing us food or coming by to visit. We LOVE you!!! And seriously, our doctors and nurses (minus one...) were SO amazing! We could not have asked for better/kinder people to be working with us!

my mom, so happy to be a grandma

going home, finally!

We are so happy and have been so blessed since this sweet little girl joined our family.
She is incredible and we love her soo much!

pure sweetness


getting closer...

Those of you that tried to convince me that the last month of pregnancy is kind of miserable, I fully believe you now... I heard it multiple times, but I just ignored it, thinking I would be fine. I mean, I did really well pretty much my entire pregnancy. Not too much sickness, just a little more tired and picky than anything. Well, I was wrong... The last two weeks have been pretty hard for me: my feet are BEYOND swollen (If you were to judge from the knees down, I'd look like I've gained maybe 200 pounds), my back is always aching, I can not get comfortable for more than 2 seconds, the word "sleep" is no longer in my vocabulary, I pee more times a day than I can count, and all I really want is for my sweet baby to be here already... It's torture.

Okay, now I'm ready to focus on the positive :) We're only about 2 weeks away from my due date: June 21st. That's only 9 days before Stu is done with school FOR GOOD!!! He has one last class that he is cramming in to the month of June, so that he can be finished and spend more time with baby girl and I. Last semester he took 7 classes! I am so grateful for him and his hard work. He is still working full time and then completing this night class that keeps him in a lab until 10pm every weeknight. Sometimes I'm mean and try to beg him to stay home so I don't have to be alone... I just have to remember he's doing it all for us, and that at the end of the next three weeks, I will have him all to my self again- NO MORE SCHOOL EVER!

Other good news: The Dr checked me again on Friday and there is some progression! I am now at 3cm and almost 90% effaced! I asked him if that meant I would be going a little earlier and he said, "well, you could go into labor in 5 minutes or you could still carry full term..." that was not the news I was wanting to hear after being in the office for almost THREE HOURS (I had to get another ultrasound and NST to make sure everything was alright). All I know is that some progress is better than nothing and I am happy for the extra 1.5cm :)

3D image of our sweet girl from Friday... doesn't she look extremely squished in there??? I just love her chubby cheeks!


baby shower

My absolutely AMAZING sister-in-laws (Avery, Julie and Laurisa) and mother-in-law Joann planned a baby shower for me last month. Everything was incredible! I am so grateful for them, it was beyond perfect!

The decoration set-up was so TO-DIE-FOR cute, the food was amazing, and I'm so glad so many friends and family were able to make it out for the shower to make it so special :) it was so fun!

Ave hosted the party in her beautiful house, so many people commented on how gorgeous her home was! Ave and I made a few of the decorations (pom-poms and doily banner) and got everything set up :) I think it turned out super cute!

Stu's sister Julie MADE this cake the night before the shower (with no previous experience in using fondant) and it was so CUTE! Everyone was asking about it and we all told her she should start making cakes to sell! Isn't it incredible??? Wayyy too good to eat!

Stu's mom holding her most recent grandbaby Ruthie. She is the one behind most of the recipes for the amazing food we had at the shower. She even made her famous homemade rolls for the chicken salad, SOOOO good!

my sisters :) they helped a lot during the shower, I just love them. I was a little teary in this photo...
(does anyone remember how flat-chested I was before I got pregnant? well apparently so, because a few people made a point to tell me how boobylicious I was looking at the shower! haha! mmhmm you can bet one of the perks of pregnancy was getting out of the little girls section to go bra shopping haha... Stu doesn't mind either ;) not one bit)

A few of my dear friends from work! I really wish I had done better at getting pictures with people who came... I only have a few and I didn't even get a picture with my mom! :(

Opening the gifts was the most awkward part for me... I'm not a huge fan of being the center of attention and I got SO HOT opening all those presents! Good thing most everyone was focused on the super cute stuff for baby Milne and not me :)

I just thought this picture was funny. Apparently I'm really excited about the cute bee feet on this onesie...
so cute! I love all of the outfits we got and can't wait to put them on our little girl! There were so many cute things, Stu had to make three or four trips to get everything out to the car! I kind of lost it at the end of the shower, I just felt so overwhelmed with all my emotions... So happy and so grateful for such great friends and family and the support they have given us.

The amazing ladies behind the prettiest party I could ask for :) I love you all SO much and am so SO grateful for all you did to make it so perfect! Everything was absolutely beautiful (and delicious!). And thank you so much to all who came - I am so grateful for your friendship and love (and the cute gifts!) you made the day so wonderful!

ps I have another appointment this Friday, but last week I was measuring at 1.5cm and 80% effaced! She's getting ready!