Finally Employed!!

I have a JOB! Kind of.. I am nanny-ing a couple hours a week, they are THE cutest and most awesome kids EVER! I sit for a 4 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl (both potty-trained!) and they are so fun! The only bad part is that I think it might only be temporary. So I'm still going to keep looking for a more permanent job while soaking up the fact that I'm finally able to add some moolah to our vacation fund :) Disneyland here we come!!! Or I guess we could start saving for a house.. Hmmm..

The Conservatory Overcoat GIVEAWAY!!!!

sooooooooo CUTE!


I had a hard time stomaching the Oscars last night. Driving home from Stu's parents house, we talked a little bit about our feelings on the speeches that were given. I guess actors know how much clout they hold with the American public and some decided to use the Academy platform as a weapon against those opposing gay marriage. That's fine, everyone has a right to state their opinion, just as I am going to attempt to state mine..

I love this country. I love the freedoms that we have. I love that I have a right to believe and practice my religion. Although I may not agree with the way other people live, it is their right to live that way-just as it is my right to disagree with it. Maybe I'm a little EXTRA strong on this issue because I was just sealed to my wonderful husband less than two months ago and I can't picture it any other way, but I believe that "marriage" is between one man and one woman. This is one thing I hold sacred. This is how I KNOW God intended it to be. I also know that God intended that His children be happy and that we all love one another. I hope that no matter what we believe, we can show love to those around us always, no matter what they might believe.

I did not want my blog to become political, and I do not mean to offend anyone. If I did, I am sorry.


"Can You Feel the BURN???"

I really kind of hate that phrase right now.
I did the step cardio class this morning and my thighs and calves are SO sore. Don't you absolutely hate getting back into shape? Today was my third day at the gym after a couple months of not really working out at all. Stu and I are now members at Fitness Works (thanks Jodie and Kev!) and we've made a goal to go 6 times a week! so far, we've stuck to it. It feels good to be exercising again, but it's also the worst! I didn't realize how flabby and out of shape I was until today's class. There were two older ladies (like 60+) who were totally kicking butt, and then there's me just trying to keep up with my sore muscles.. I know I can do it though! I WILL have a rockin' bod (or at least get rid of this extra flab and love handle nonsense)


the BEST year of my LIFE

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of mine and stu's first date. Thank goodness it was the best date ever! Who knows where we would be otherwise.. Everything was so comfortable, it was as if we had been together for months already. He seemed too good to be true though- he took me to the perfect restaurant, and planned a night of bowling and harry potter. How much better can life get? (WARNING: Sorry, I think a lot of my posts lately have been kinda full of mushy love stuff, but I am so happy. Skip the rest of this post if you would like to avoid more mush..) Well even though it was absolutely fantastic, life has gotten a LOT better since that first date. Obviously! We are married now and the happiest we've ever been. He is the most wonderful husband and we have so much fun with each other. This really has been the best year of my life, so far. I look forward to the many years ahead for us! I love you stuey :)

First date
(we posed with kids that were dressed up for a highschool dance..)



We still haven't gotten all the pictures from our wedding but I thought I'd blog about our incredible honeymoon!

We were on our honeymoon over New Years! So fun!

One of the guys running the jetskiis just pulled this out of the water and tossed it on the beach. GROSS.

Jetskiing! One of the most fun parts of the trip! I knocked Stu off the back hahhaa.


We played a lot of smashball because I was so determined to beat him. I don't think I ever did though.

The love of my life :)

The best part of the whole trip was just having so much time with my best friend and new husband!


going crazy..

I've been looking for a job since the beginning of January and nothing has turned up. If I didn't have school, I think I would have gone totally crazy by now. Does anyone know of anything available? Anything???