Time is FLYING

I feel like I'm in a time warp (?) where time either goes incredibly fast or annoyingly slow. Thinking about it today though makes me feel like there isn't time for anything! It was a whole TWO months ago that Stu proposed, and only four more weeks until our sealing! I thought we had sooo much time to plan a reception, but really there are still so many things that aren't figured out yet! My feelings are so contradictory lately, I want time to stop but I also just CAN'T WAIT to be married to this wonderful boy! What to do.. Luckily I have amazing parents (future and current) that are helping ease the stress a LOT. I don't think we could do this with out Stu's mom, she is AMAZING! I'm sure everything will get figured out, I just need to relax..


There's No Place Like Home...

Stu and I are flying home to Mesa, TONIGHT. Oh so excited.

I love my Arizona!!!


Sometimes... Your team loses. And it stinks.. But that doesn't mean that you give up on them. Now let's just look forward to what the future will bring, see what we can do to improve.

So, to Bronco, Max, and all the BYU Cougars:
There are still some dedicated fans out here.. So just shake
it off, and get back to work.
Quest for Perfection 2009

I still bleed blue!



The Cougars play the Utes today at 4pm!!! For those of you who don't know, there is a HUGE rivalry between BYU and the University of Utah, especially in football. (it's like Oregon and Oregon State) BYU has been #1 the Mountain West conference for a couple years now, but this year has been a little different.. Practically the whole MWC (minus a couple..) is full of BALLER teams! BYU lost to TCU (in a blowout), ending our "quest for perfection" and 16-game winning streak. We also dropped a TON in the rankings and basically ruled ourseves out of a BCS bowl game. TCU was beat by Utah, barely. Utah is #8 in BCS rankings right now, meaning that if they win, they will go to a bowl game. I think it would be awesome for the conference to have one of its teams at a bowl game, BUT WE WANT TO CRUSH UTAH!!! I have faith in my Cougars that it will be a good game. The games are always pretty close until the end, we just have to hold out for that win!!!


Some pictures of past games..

Harvey Unga (oooongaaa!)

Johnny Harline

Victory in Ute territory... Do it again Cougs!

And some links to the most miraculous plays from the last two games against the Utes...

2007- 4th and 18...

2006- Beck to Harline..


food, food, food...

So I know I haven't had time to post in a while, this has been a crazy week... But things are rolling with reception plans! I just wanted to ask everyone's opinion on food for our reception. If we were to do hot foods, what would be best? What is your favorite thing that you've had at a reception?

MY favorite part.. :)

Some ideas we had were: Pasta bar, chicken salad sandwiches, pasta salad and regular salads, meat skewers... I remembered one dinner I went to where they had crepes out and lots of fun toppings, not just fruit but some meat filling too? Anyway, we're trying to keep it as inexpensive as possible but keep it fun. Shoot us some ideas!


This week was a little full of craziness (SO glad it's the weekend) I just wanted to be done with school and out of this cold/rain/snow! And it's just going to get crazier closer to the wedding and with finals coming up.. Bleh.


Fall in Provo

I'm going to miss this next year when Stu and I are living in Arizona. I love the changing of the leaves, the comfy sweaters, and the football games. But then AZ has its perks too-NO SNOW! I can't even say how much I'm looking forward to locking away my huge snow coats and thermals :)

I haven't uploaded any pictures for a while so here's a glimpse at the past month and a half...

Here's some of Stu and I just messing around during one of our Sunday walks..

I am kind of amazingly strong.

Yay for fall!

So handsome :)

Julianne and I at the Relief Society broadcast in Salt Lake

I made mine and Stu's halloween costumes this year. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! It kinda scares me how good Stuart is at being a fairy..

We were invited to a party halloween night at the Barratt house. It was fun to see every ones costumes.. We had the Romans, JoBros and Hannah Montana, cereal killers, and a married couple dressed as each other. Haha.

Second star to the right, straight on til morning!

Who knew Tink had such a nice backside?

This semester has been going good so far gradewise, Stu and I are just trying to keep the stress at a low as we go about school and wedding/future planning. The wedding plans are slowly falling into place so that's nice. Any suggestions for caterers? inexpensive decoration ideas?