Girls Camp Anyone?

Saturday the 1st counselor in our ward came over to give me a new calling in the ward.. I will definitely miss my adorable sunbeams, but I am happy to say that I am now with the young women! K seriously, these are not regular teenage girls I get to work with. They are AWESOME! I'm glad I get to spend so much time with them, especially this summer at girls camp!

They don't go to LoMia! These girls ROUGH it!
This has me a little worried.

That's far down the road though, leave it to me to worry about things that are months away. Anyway, I am the first counselor in the YW which means I am over the mia maids, so fun! I am really excited for this calling, and SO STOKED for volleyball with them tonight! PS did any of you know they added a new Value to the YW program?! There are now 8 young womens values, the newest one being VIRTUE. Great right?

In other news.. Stu has a new calling too! He was actually called to his new post a couple weeks ago. But as it is not yet official, I am going to wait to disclose it. But don't worry, we are going to be SOOO busy starting two weeks from now. We were told that we are going to have to "take a honeymoon from the honeymoon," BOOOO.

OH and I missed a birthday this month! My sister-in-law Avery turned 25 yesterday! Like I said in a previous post, I have married into a wonderful family and she is a big part of that. She is so "solid" (I can't think of another word that works) She has gone through so much this past year with the birth of their angel Bela, but she is still so strong and faithful. She is a good example to me of what I want to be as a mother: loving, kind, cute designer, strong in the gospel, and happy! Happy birthday Ave!


Happy Post

Well everything went okay yesterday with the professor, he apologized and I was able to tell him how I felt about everything. As I was leaving though, he told us that there was one thing he wanted us to do: over the next two years read Acts and Galatians over and over to become familiar with it, he said it would "enrich our lives." Hmm ok. Anyway, I think everything will be better in that class.

In other news, Stu and I have been married THREE MONTHS today!!! Funny thing is that I really can't believe that's all it is. I feel like we have been married for years! He is my very best friend and the best husband in the world. The other day he came home from the gym with a beautiful bouquet of tulips :) what a sweetie. I try to find ways to surprise him, but he always gets to it first!

Three random things I love about my Stuey:

#1: He pushes me. He knows I have a goal to lose some poundage and he is doing a lot to help me accomplish this. I know that with any other goals I/we have in the future, Stu will be there to make sure it gets done. And he's so great about getting things done, that it jsut makes me want to do better!

#2: He's a great cook! Sometimes I have to stay later at my nanny job and Stu will start dinner for us and it is delicious! And he makes the BEST pancakes, better than mine for sure!

#3: Stu loves helping people! And he's the best with kids! He just recently got asked to be one of the assistant coaches for the Poston football team and he's SO excited to help out with those boys! I know someday when we decide to have our own little kiddos, Stu will be the BEST dad!

Anyway, I know three months is seems like nothing to all those couples who have been married for YEARS, but really these three months have been EVERYTHING to me.
I LOVE you Stu!


More on the Pervy-Perv Professor..

I sent my professor an email last night and I got a response tonight. I just told him that I felt really uncomfortable in class because of what was said and that I didn't understand why it was needed. (I mean the man dropped the f-bomb multiple times in that hour, when is that EVER necessary? and what about him telling stories about the "exotic dancer" that lived in his house rent-free because he felt it was payment enough to watch her walk around his house? Yes, he's married. Sicko.) Anyway, I made Stu read it because I was worried he might take offense to it. I hate confrontation and I definitely hate it when repercussions make their appearance in my grades.. But Stu said it was good so I went ahead and sent it.

Here's his response: (apparently someone else wrote to him concerning the SAME thing..)

Ashley and Angela,

You both wrote me with concerns over my “lewd stories and language” concerning “women and body parts.” I humbly apologize that my tactics caused you to feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, ask yourselves this question, “Why would Mr. Peterson use such graphic language?” Come see me after the speeches tomorrow with a possible answer to that question.

WHAT?? Seriously??

I don't have an answer for him.


I Miss BYU..

So today I went to my communications class (the only class I DREAD going to, which is saying a LOT because I am taking chemistry this semester) and by the end, I was about ready to pack my bags and convince Stu that we needed to move back to Provo. It is THAT bad. By bad, I mean that my teacher is not just a horrible teacher, but I'm beginning to think he is a horrible person. Today's lesson consisted of him talking about female body parts, drugs and alcohol, and stripping in class, for course there were more than a few choice swear words mingled in there. This is basically what we are "lectured" on every single class. His lectures have NOTHING to do with the course, he just spends the hour chatting with the other students and expressing his opinion on these topics. He also likes to tell rather crude stories and justifies them by putting questions about the stories on his quizzes. I feel so uncomfortable in this class! I'm going to try and talk to this professor this week, hopefully something changes..

As much as I hate the cold and the "Zoobie-ness" that is Provo, I would much rather be back on that campus where I could feel good vibes anywhere I went.

Enter to Learn. Go forth to Serve.


Catching Up..

I've been a bad blogger the past couple weeks.. I should have been better since we've been on spring break, but that only seemed to make us more busy! Not to say that we haven't been having LOADS of fun though! Last weekend Stu and I went to downtown Scottsdale to get some tasty food and look at the art galleries. Guess who we saw!!! Judy Greer from 13 Going on 30 and Sarah Chalke From Scrubs!!

(Kels I remember you said you saw Judy Greer a couple weeks ago, so cool) They were kind of REALLY wasted and were kind of scandalous, but we felt cool to be eating dinner in the same restaurant. OOh and we went to Sugar Bowl after and split a ginormous delicious sundae, so basically the night was a fantastic one :) (if you go, you HAVE to get the "spectacular banana bowl" it's SPECTACULAR!) We also went up to Rustlers Rooste on a big group date and had a great time with some of my good friends from high school and their husbands/boyfriends. So FUN!

Stu and I have sort of stopped taking the camera with us anywhere, it totally stinks because I have no pictures of the stuff we have been up to lately. But we're going camping with some friends in just a bit so i'll be sure to bring the camera!

Oh! I almost forgot! I want to give a little birthday "shout-out" to three wonderful ladies that I love:

Joann! My mother-in-law turned the big 5-5 on March 6th! She is seriously wonderful and I am so lucky to have married into such a great family! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We LOVE you!

Robin! My sister turned 16 on March 11th, she's excited to go on her first date and break some hearts.. She wore a shirt to school that day that said, "watch out boys, I'm 16!!!" hahahaa I know I'm not brave enough to do anything like that, but that's one of the many reasons why I love her, she does what she wants and she keeps herself happy. Love you Rob!

Rebecca! March 19th marked her 40th year of life! She is such a great woman and a wonderful mother to all of us NINE kids. She is a superhero, which is why we commonly call her Wonder Woman :) Happy happy birthday!


The Happiest Day of Our Lives!

Wedding Day! Finally! Sorry I took so long to get them up here, I had some cd drive malfunctions..

Coming out of the Mesa Temple after our sealing

So in love.. :)

Still our silly selves

My HUGE family (dad's side)

Stu's Family

Other half of my family (mom's side)


All the Willcox Clan

Bridesmaids and Best friends :)

The handsome groomsmen

Ring ceremony


Our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Milne :)

Mother-Son and Daddy-Daughter Dance

It was a party!

Leaving for our honeymoon

Our sealing day really was the best day EVER! It was so perfect. THanks everyone who helped and came to celebrate with us!


Fun-Filled Weekend

This week was so busy, I'm so glad we had the weekend to unwind a little! Friday we went to a birthday party for Stu's niece who turned one!

She is such a beauty and it's such a blessing to be a part of her life. We love you Bela girl! We met up with some friends after and planned to play games but just ended up talking for a few hours instead! We figured out that everyone has a membership to the same gym and now I have a buddy to go to classes with! Saturday the Milne fam (minus me because I had to work) did the heart walk in Tempe for all the little angels like Bela who were born with heart defects. Stu said it was great and we're glad so much could be done to raise awareness and funds for the heart association! We went to an early show of Confessions of a Shopaholic which was seriously such a cute movie!

Stu even liked it :) Thank goodness we went to a matinee though, a regular movie ticket is almost 10 bucks! Gosh that is just ridiculous. We had dinner at Gecko Grill, mmmmmmmmm! It was Stu's first gecko's experience but he is converted. It is sooo good. I'm pretty sure I could live off their bean dip. Oh and for those who haven't been in a while, they have new REAL strawberry lemonade that is AMAZING. We got home early because my little sister came over and I wanted to spend some time with one of my best friends who was in town for the weekend. Mel lives in Provo still with her husband and we miss both of them dearly!

We had fun talking while frosting the cupcakes for my sunbeam class. It was so nice to just sit down and chat, she stayed until after 12! Poor Stu was totally OUT on the couch with Bear Gryls re-runs on the TV. Today was just relaxing and perfect to lead into this next week. My little sunbeams were SO good today! Stu and I made delicious crepes after church (thanks for the idea Chels and Kelsey!) and took a seriously necessary nap. We did dinner at Stu's parents and they taught me how to play Phase 10. I'd never heard of it before I met Stu, but it is really fun and we had a good time. I know this next week will be kind of crazy, I'm so grateful for weekends!

P.S. I have our wedding photos! I'll post them soon! Promise!