Catching Up..

I've been a bad blogger the past couple weeks.. I should have been better since we've been on spring break, but that only seemed to make us more busy! Not to say that we haven't been having LOADS of fun though! Last weekend Stu and I went to downtown Scottsdale to get some tasty food and look at the art galleries. Guess who we saw!!! Judy Greer from 13 Going on 30 and Sarah Chalke From Scrubs!!

(Kels I remember you said you saw Judy Greer a couple weeks ago, so cool) They were kind of REALLY wasted and were kind of scandalous, but we felt cool to be eating dinner in the same restaurant. OOh and we went to Sugar Bowl after and split a ginormous delicious sundae, so basically the night was a fantastic one :) (if you go, you HAVE to get the "spectacular banana bowl" it's SPECTACULAR!) We also went up to Rustlers Rooste on a big group date and had a great time with some of my good friends from high school and their husbands/boyfriends. So FUN!

Stu and I have sort of stopped taking the camera with us anywhere, it totally stinks because I have no pictures of the stuff we have been up to lately. But we're going camping with some friends in just a bit so i'll be sure to bring the camera!

Oh! I almost forgot! I want to give a little birthday "shout-out" to three wonderful ladies that I love:

Joann! My mother-in-law turned the big 5-5 on March 6th! She is seriously wonderful and I am so lucky to have married into such a great family! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We LOVE you!

Robin! My sister turned 16 on March 11th, she's excited to go on her first date and break some hearts.. She wore a shirt to school that day that said, "watch out boys, I'm 16!!!" hahahaa I know I'm not brave enough to do anything like that, but that's one of the many reasons why I love her, she does what she wants and she keeps herself happy. Love you Rob!

Rebecca! March 19th marked her 40th year of life! She is such a great woman and a wonderful mother to all of us NINE kids. She is a superhero, which is why we commonly call her Wonder Woman :) Happy happy birthday!


The Nye's said...

That slide looks really fun! I've never been there, but I've heard it's a good place. Oh and I love those B-day candles too! Iv'e always wanted the tall ones! :)

nate and amy crandell said...

mmm Rustler's Rooste was so GOOD we have to go back soon! we didn't get to go on the slide that time soO all the more reason why we have to go back!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

YOU didn't go on the slide?! Amy I totally thought you'd be the first! haha no but it really was SO good! and uuch a fun place. I'm glad we got that group together, fun stuff!

Ashley Kay said...

ohhh my goodness! I LOVE Sugar Bowl- so jealous! but guess what?! i'm coming two weeks from tuesday- april 7th till april 13th so I better see you guys! you and stu can come swimming at the JW!! :)

Dani Stolworthy said...

it's good to see what you're up to so far away because we miss seeing your face here!! When you said Judy Greer was wasted I just laughed because I could imagine that completely, she's the funniest actress!