Happy Post

Well everything went okay yesterday with the professor, he apologized and I was able to tell him how I felt about everything. As I was leaving though, he told us that there was one thing he wanted us to do: over the next two years read Acts and Galatians over and over to become familiar with it, he said it would "enrich our lives." Hmm ok. Anyway, I think everything will be better in that class.

In other news, Stu and I have been married THREE MONTHS today!!! Funny thing is that I really can't believe that's all it is. I feel like we have been married for years! He is my very best friend and the best husband in the world. The other day he came home from the gym with a beautiful bouquet of tulips :) what a sweetie. I try to find ways to surprise him, but he always gets to it first!

Three random things I love about my Stuey:

#1: He pushes me. He knows I have a goal to lose some poundage and he is doing a lot to help me accomplish this. I know that with any other goals I/we have in the future, Stu will be there to make sure it gets done. And he's so great about getting things done, that it jsut makes me want to do better!

#2: He's a great cook! Sometimes I have to stay later at my nanny job and Stu will start dinner for us and it is delicious! And he makes the BEST pancakes, better than mine for sure!

#3: Stu loves helping people! And he's the best with kids! He just recently got asked to be one of the assistant coaches for the Poston football team and he's SO excited to help out with those boys! I know someday when we decide to have our own little kiddos, Stu will be the BEST dad!

Anyway, I know three months is seems like nothing to all those couples who have been married for YEARS, but really these three months have been EVERYTHING to me.
I LOVE you Stu!


Lauren said...

Such a cute picture! Sounds like you caught an awesome husband, right there! Happy 3 months!

nate and amy crandell said...

happy 3 months!! it only gets better and better :) you guys are the cutest!

The Nye's said...

happy 3 months! :) I'm pretty sure I had that same professor...what's his name?! He's a creep! Good for you for saying something...I always just read a book haha!