Everything has gotten a little busier around here the last 5 weeks. I have a beautiful baby girl taking up most of my time so there is little time for blogging, cleaning my home, fixing my hair, eating... etc. I wouldn't change a thing. I love being with her every day, learning how to be a better mommy to my Maisy. She is changing so much! She's getting some delicious rolly-polly arms and legs, she's more alert and looks around like crazy now, and she smiles so big! (and not just when she lets out a toot haha) Some things haven't changed: she is still so sassy, cuddly, silly, energetic, and totally capable of melting everyone's heart... She has Stu and I wrapped around her little finger, we can't help it. Eventually, I'm sure I'll get back to posting more often and maybe even post my weekly meals and recipes again... But for now, I'm just loving life with my baby girl and sweet husband.

life is sweet.


25 days old and 25 pictures

I have been so bad at getting my camera out for pictures of baby Maisy... I feel like every time I do, she starts to fuss anyway... even her newborn shoot was a bust! Thank goodness for camera phones (and instagram, which I am completely obsessed with!) otherwise I'd probably only have a few photos of our beautiful baby girl!

so new and so perfect :)

love love love those cheeks!

hearing screen... stu thought she looked like she was rockin out with headphones in...

going home

her favorite face... this one's called "blue steel"

such an angel

she loves to be outside! and spend time with daddy :)

bathtime... more like complete-total-relaxation time... she LOVES her baths!

dressed up for a playdate with friends!

obsessed with her cute toesies

so in love with daddy

Happy 4th of July!!!

Maisy and Grandma (my mom)

so happy

The last 25 days have been complete bliss... Not saying that there hasn't been hard times, but the happy, wonderful times FAR outweigh the not-so-great ones. We are so in love with our little babe, and can't seem to get enough of her! I love her sassy cry, her chubby cheeks and that she already has little wrist rolls, her fluffy hair, the way she smells (ohh my gosh it's heavenly), bathing her, taking a nap with her in our bed and waking up to her sweet face, how she calms down instantly when her daddy holds her close, dancing around the living room with her to Michael Buble (her fave), waking up with her at 3am to feed her and just cherishing the quiet moments with her.

what a beautiful little blessing she is.