happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me

yep, that's me. i turn the big 2-2 today!


confession time

I stayed home from class last night...
To watch this:

and I don't feel bad about it. AT ALL.


i feel my saviors love

i feel my Savior's love
in all the world around me
His spirit warms my soul
through everything i see
He knows i will follow Him
give all my life to Him
i feel my Savior's love
the love He freely gives me

I love my Savior, I can't begin to comprehend all that He has done for me. But I know that His love is real. I know that it can take away tears and sad times, I know it can ease loneliness, bear burdens; I know it can warm and comfort weary hearts. I am so grateful to Him, my Savior.

hope you have a wonderful easter sunday!