Girls Camp!

Angie (me) is leaving for girls camp in just a bit! I'm packed and everything, I feel ready, but I have to admit I am a little nervous/excited to see how it all goes down..

Reason #1: I am going to miss my wonderful hubby of course!!! I might have to make one of the girls to snuggle with me till I fall asleep..

Reason #2: No Showers. AND we are sleeping in tents. For 4 days. Ech.

Reason #3: I remember being one of the girls, (I mean HELLO it was only like three years ago!) and the nice, or not-so-nice, pranks we'd do to our leaders. Hmm...

Okay in all honesty, I am really excited. Girls camp was always a highlight of my summer and I'm excited to be on the other end this time, to try and MAKE this a special and spiritually strengthening time for THEM. Alright, over and out. Pictures to come :)


Husband Quiz

1.) Where did you first meet: Lanai Clubhouse in Provo.. The dance party that changed out lives forever.

2.)How long did you date before you got married: 10 LONG months

3.)How long have you been married: almost 5 months

4.)What does he do that surprises you: Well it doesn't really surprise me anymore, sometimes I am just amazed by how sweet he is to me (even when I'm being the worst wife ever..)

5.) What is your favorite feature of his: His eyes. They remind me of sunflowers. Oh and all the silly faces he can contort his face into, I don't think he'll ever fail to make me laugh.

6.)What is your favorite quality of his: He is very sociable, he can talk to and make friends with people anywhere no matter how old or how different they are. He also helps me want to be a better person.

7.)Does he have a nickname for you: Hmm, I don't think can remember all of them... Babe, sweetie baby, his honey bunches of oats, angie (mostly)

8.)What is his favorite color: I think it's blue?

9.) What is his favorite food: I have to think he likes everything. Lately his favorite is this chicken broccoli bake, he LOVES it. I should post the recipe..

10.)What is his favorite sport: FOOTBALL duh. You best believe we're getting season tickets to see the cougs play next fall!

11.)When and where was your first kiss: Our first date (don't judge-we'd known each other for a WHILE..) watching Harry Potter on his lovesack

12.)Favorite thing to do as a couple: ha.

13.)Do you have any children: Someday..

14.)How old is he: 23, he'll be 24 in August.

15.)Who said I love you first: This is a tender subject.. Almost two months into dating, he said "I think I'm falling in love with you" and about a week later I said "I love you." He says I said it first, I say HE (basically) totally did!

16.)What is his favorite music: He likes a lot of stuff. Mainly stuff that we can dance to or that gets him pumped for the gym. I wish I could say he loves country as much as I do, maybe someday!

17.)What do you admire most about him: There are so many things! He is an amazing husband to me, I love how he can make anything better, no matter how bad things may seem. I admire that he is so strong spiritually. A month after we moved into this ward he was called to be the EQP, and we were both worried (and excited) for this new calling, but he is doing great! I admire his "work hard attitude." Sometimes on Saturdays I just want to sleep in forever, and he just needs to get up and moving! Lastly, I KNOW he is going to be the most wonderful father. Sometimes when I see him playing with his nephew or holding his niece, he is so loving and tender, I just get goosebumpies.

18.)Do you think he will read this: Of course.. He checks our blog a lot when he's bored at work :)


"Little Rugrats" (Stu's Title for this Post)

I seriously have the cutest niece and nephew around. On Friday I got to take some pictures of them for some more practice and just some fun! I didn't think I took too many good ones (I'm just working with a point-and-shoot camera right now, until I can justify a more pricey dSLR) but I ended up with a TON that I am in love with! Let me know what you think!

This is Benson. He is three years old, but can trick anyone into thinking he's six or something. He is SO SMART. He is so much fun to be around, so energetic, so lively, and always amazing us with all the new things he learns. He's the sweetest big brother to little Bela.

This is Bela. She is amazing. Other than the fact that she is a miracle baby, (she was born with HLHS and Turners Syndrome) she is beautiful, strong, and pretty smart too! You can tell she is going to be a little heartbreaker when she grows up! The only thing she's lacking is a few pounds :) Keep it up Bela girl!

I TOLD you I had the cutest niece and nephew...
Don't forget to leave your input :)


I'm Obsessed

Cutest song ever.

Click here: Then-Brad Paisley

I don't know how to upload videos from youtube to blogger.. Sorry!


More Fun with Photography

My sisters and I wanted to do a photo shoot of ourselves for our momma for Mothers Day. I love my sisters. We always have sooo much fun together. The shoot was no exception, poor Clark, (Jamie's bff) he had to deal with us for over an hour.. Clark took the pictures of all three of us together, I took the rest and had some fun editing!

Meet Tina. Real name: Christina. But we haven't called her that since like 5 years ago, I don't really remember. She is obviously one of my favorite sisters. Brilliant, beautiful, sometimes shy, but amazing and kind-hearted always. Love her mucho.

This one is Jamie. We call her Jamie. But when we were little we used to call her Jamie Girl because there was a boy Jamie and it made sense to call them that. She's one of my other favorites. Everyone says she is just like me, which I don't know is a good thing.. She is down to earth (not like me), hilarious, beautiful, super sociable, and always has all the good music on her iPhone. Am I jealous that she has an iPhone? Yes. But I still love her.

Here's me. That's all.

"Sisters by chance, Best Friends by choice.."


Dear AMAZING Women in Our Lives,

It's late.
We've had an exhausting day.
Nothing sounds better than curling up in my deliciously comfortable bed right now.
But I would feel HORRIBLE falling asleep
without thanking our


We love you SO much and are so grateful for all you do. Please know that even though sometimes we may forget to show it, we truly are so appreciative for your support and examples. We give you permission to kick us next time we forget. Love you, love you, love you!!!

Stu and Angie

P.S. I got to talk to my brother who is on his mission today! It was SOO nice to hear his voice. (even if he was mumbling because he was so tired) If you remember, please pray for the missionaries in his area (Missouri) they are really struggling! We love you Spence!


WARNING: Super Long Post

I haven't had a chance to blog since last week and so much has happened! I have so many pictures too so sorry for the overload..

Pat's Run

These are pictures from when Stu and I did Pat's Run with his fam. We all finished with great time! I think we're blinking in this picture..

The whole gang.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Stu let me have a week-long birthday that started a day early with dinner at my mommas :)

I think we're cute.

My mom made the yummiest Korean dinner, all my faves! I love my mom.
We also had dinner with my family ON my birthday and then dinner with stu's parents on MONDAY! So busy, I told you..

My new favorite thing to do!

If As You Wish wasn't a bajillion dollars, I would do this all day! Stu took us to make our own mugs and they turned out so cute! I wish I had a picture of the finished products.

I love birthday surprises :) Stu is the sweetest and gave me the best birthday ever! Oooh AND my favorite present is...

This water bottle has changed my life. Get one. You will love it.

Las Vegas Trip!!

Another birthday present from my lovely husband. We spent a weekend in sin city and had a serisouly fun time.

Stu was so happy we got to go to a Brazilian Rodizio. Mmmm.
(dear stu, you should have told me my hair was malfunctioning the whole night. and your face is really red in this picture. weird?)

self explanatory.

We had tons of fun just gong around to all the other casinos and walking around.

We played some slots in honor of my 21st birthday!
(no worries, I was asked at least 5 times to show ID)

We also got semi-addicted to this spinning wheel game where you bet a couple dollars. We tried roulette too but decided we're probably done with gambling and there's a GOOD reason that the prophets tell us not to..

Oceans 11 anyone?

America's Best Dance Crew!!! Quest Crew. Anyone else LOVE the show like Stu and I do? I was totally hatin on these asian girls because they were hogging them so we couldn't get a pic with them. Lame.

On top of the Stratosphere. This is where we stayed, it was so fun! The ride behind us is HANGING off the side of the tower and the people are looking down over 1000 ft. Talk about nuts!

Sooo high up.

DAM... Right behind us.
We stopped at the Hoover Dam so we could take some dam pictures. (hehe)

We love AZ!!!


Yes we are still totally hooked. We finished seasons 3 and 4 in about a week! (SO lacking in sleep right now) and now we just have to catch up online to watch the current season. I have to admit though, it's getting really confusing..

And last but not least: Happy Birthday Julie!
My sister-in-law Ju turned 31 just last week! She is so wonderful and the nicest most thoughtful person! I hope your birthday was the best!

Okay that's all for now! Hopefully I can be better about updates so I don't have to post so long from now on! Geez.