More Fun with Photography

My sisters and I wanted to do a photo shoot of ourselves for our momma for Mothers Day. I love my sisters. We always have sooo much fun together. The shoot was no exception, poor Clark, (Jamie's bff) he had to deal with us for over an hour.. Clark took the pictures of all three of us together, I took the rest and had some fun editing!

Meet Tina. Real name: Christina. But we haven't called her that since like 5 years ago, I don't really remember. She is obviously one of my favorite sisters. Brilliant, beautiful, sometimes shy, but amazing and kind-hearted always. Love her mucho.

This one is Jamie. We call her Jamie. But when we were little we used to call her Jamie Girl because there was a boy Jamie and it made sense to call them that. She's one of my other favorites. Everyone says she is just like me, which I don't know is a good thing.. She is down to earth (not like me), hilarious, beautiful, super sociable, and always has all the good music on her iPhone. Am I jealous that she has an iPhone? Yes. But I still love her.

Here's me. That's all.

"Sisters by chance, Best Friends by choice.."


The Nye's said...

You girls are so cute! Love them!

emily said...

Angela! These are so cute :) You're sisters are beautiful

Alyssa and Tyler said...

Those pictures are so beautiful!! You are so talented!!

Kristina Wilson said...

ahh!! that is soo cute and amazing! You like photography? i actually didnt know that. I do too! ahh i think it is soo much fun and those pictures are soo cute! i wanna be that good someday i decided. :)