WARNING: Super Long Post

I haven't had a chance to blog since last week and so much has happened! I have so many pictures too so sorry for the overload..

Pat's Run

These are pictures from when Stu and I did Pat's Run with his fam. We all finished with great time! I think we're blinking in this picture..

The whole gang.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Stu let me have a week-long birthday that started a day early with dinner at my mommas :)

I think we're cute.

My mom made the yummiest Korean dinner, all my faves! I love my mom.
We also had dinner with my family ON my birthday and then dinner with stu's parents on MONDAY! So busy, I told you..

My new favorite thing to do!

If As You Wish wasn't a bajillion dollars, I would do this all day! Stu took us to make our own mugs and they turned out so cute! I wish I had a picture of the finished products.

I love birthday surprises :) Stu is the sweetest and gave me the best birthday ever! Oooh AND my favorite present is...

This water bottle has changed my life. Get one. You will love it.

Las Vegas Trip!!

Another birthday present from my lovely husband. We spent a weekend in sin city and had a serisouly fun time.

Stu was so happy we got to go to a Brazilian Rodizio. Mmmm.
(dear stu, you should have told me my hair was malfunctioning the whole night. and your face is really red in this picture. weird?)

self explanatory.

We had tons of fun just gong around to all the other casinos and walking around.

We played some slots in honor of my 21st birthday!
(no worries, I was asked at least 5 times to show ID)

We also got semi-addicted to this spinning wheel game where you bet a couple dollars. We tried roulette too but decided we're probably done with gambling and there's a GOOD reason that the prophets tell us not to..

Oceans 11 anyone?

America's Best Dance Crew!!! Quest Crew. Anyone else LOVE the show like Stu and I do? I was totally hatin on these asian girls because they were hogging them so we couldn't get a pic with them. Lame.

On top of the Stratosphere. This is where we stayed, it was so fun! The ride behind us is HANGING off the side of the tower and the people are looking down over 1000 ft. Talk about nuts!

Sooo high up.

DAM... Right behind us.
We stopped at the Hoover Dam so we could take some dam pictures. (hehe)

We love AZ!!!


Yes we are still totally hooked. We finished seasons 3 and 4 in about a week! (SO lacking in sleep right now) and now we just have to catch up online to watch the current season. I have to admit though, it's getting really confusing..

And last but not least: Happy Birthday Julie!
My sister-in-law Ju turned 31 just last week! She is so wonderful and the nicest most thoughtful person! I hope your birthday was the best!

Okay that's all for now! Hopefully I can be better about updates so I don't have to post so long from now on! Geez.


Monica said...

Dude!!! I'm totally going to Vegas in September and staying at the Stratosphere too! Only I don't get to go with a husband but I do get to go with Katie and Jacqueline.

The Nye's said...

sounds like a fun week! I LOVE that ride on the stratosphere...especially at like midnight..so scary! :) Glad you had a good birthday!!!

Lauren said...

HOLY COW! Best.birthday.EVER! I love that you got to do so many fun things!

As You Wish seriously is the death of the wallet.

nate and amy crandell said...

ANGELA I got the same water bottle for my birthday!!! and it is AMAZING I carry it around all day! love all the pictures you guys are so fun :)

Dani Stolworthy said...

Thanks for the ultra-long post, it kept me entertained on this boring day at work :)
p.s. i love your hair! So so cute!

emily said...

Angela! It looks like you had such a fun birthday. You are just too cute. I hope I get to see you soon :)

The Clawson's said...

Happy Birthday!!! That is so sweet of Stu to take you on a trip. I'm so jealous! and also that you saw quest crew! Definitly LOVE that show!

Brittany Brooks & Company said...

DONT WORRY LOST makes absolutely no sense after season 4. We were sooooo hooked until we started to catch up with the TV. Anyways you guys are so super cute! LOVE the gambling ;-)

Ashley Kay said...

sounds like you guys have had some fun!!! and i can't believe you saw Quest Crew!!! jealous!
love you ang and hope all is well! you need to come up to utah and pay me a visit in the fall por favor! :)

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