Husband Quiz

1.) Where did you first meet: Lanai Clubhouse in Provo.. The dance party that changed out lives forever.

2.)How long did you date before you got married: 10 LONG months

3.)How long have you been married: almost 5 months

4.)What does he do that surprises you: Well it doesn't really surprise me anymore, sometimes I am just amazed by how sweet he is to me (even when I'm being the worst wife ever..)

5.) What is your favorite feature of his: His eyes. They remind me of sunflowers. Oh and all the silly faces he can contort his face into, I don't think he'll ever fail to make me laugh.

6.)What is your favorite quality of his: He is very sociable, he can talk to and make friends with people anywhere no matter how old or how different they are. He also helps me want to be a better person.

7.)Does he have a nickname for you: Hmm, I don't think can remember all of them... Babe, sweetie baby, his honey bunches of oats, angie (mostly)

8.)What is his favorite color: I think it's blue?

9.) What is his favorite food: I have to think he likes everything. Lately his favorite is this chicken broccoli bake, he LOVES it. I should post the recipe..

10.)What is his favorite sport: FOOTBALL duh. You best believe we're getting season tickets to see the cougs play next fall!

11.)When and where was your first kiss: Our first date (don't judge-we'd known each other for a WHILE..) watching Harry Potter on his lovesack

12.)Favorite thing to do as a couple: ha.

13.)Do you have any children: Someday..

14.)How old is he: 23, he'll be 24 in August.

15.)Who said I love you first: This is a tender subject.. Almost two months into dating, he said "I think I'm falling in love with you" and about a week later I said "I love you." He says I said it first, I say HE (basically) totally did!

16.)What is his favorite music: He likes a lot of stuff. Mainly stuff that we can dance to or that gets him pumped for the gym. I wish I could say he loves country as much as I do, maybe someday!

17.)What do you admire most about him: There are so many things! He is an amazing husband to me, I love how he can make anything better, no matter how bad things may seem. I admire that he is so strong spiritually. A month after we moved into this ward he was called to be the EQP, and we were both worried (and excited) for this new calling, but he is doing great! I admire his "work hard attitude." Sometimes on Saturdays I just want to sleep in forever, and he just needs to get up and moving! Lastly, I KNOW he is going to be the most wonderful father. Sometimes when I see him playing with his nephew or holding his niece, he is so loving and tender, I just get goosebumpies.

18.)Do you think he will read this: Of course.. He checks our blog a lot when he's bored at work :)


Stuart Milne said...

I have read the blog... Angie is too sweet... She makes it so easy for me to be who I am. Angie, sweety, honey bunches of oats ect. ect. You are the bestest thing that has ever happened to me. I lava Yuuuu :)

Taralynn and Kory said...

2- LOVE that picture!

10 - Are you going back to BYU?

12 - Scandolous ;)

nate and amy crandell said...

that was SO cute what Stu said! you guys are adorable!!

Call Family said...

Cute post about your awesome hubby-and yes-come out this summer-we'd love to see you and meet Stuart-Chase is huge and so fun! Having only one car working is killing us-I am everyone's ride or else I'd ditch Steve for a few days and drive out with the kiddos-hopefully soon we will get his car fixed/sold/whatever it takes!!

Mallory Higginson said...

ooookay. SO cute! I'm so happy you guys found each other. I feel somewhat responsible honestly... I mean what if I hadn't given you a ride over to his apartment (ps was that the Harry Potter first kiss night??) If so then I really deserve some credit. haha!

Monica said...

Aw you have the best husband! So are you coming back to BYU? What's the dealio?

The Clawson's said...

Awww! So fun!!! I totally want to do this post...I'm prolly going to copy you! Ooh and you totally need to post the recipe for that delicious look stuffed bread thingy...it looks incredible!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

taralynn and monica: sorry we're not going back to byu... but we were thinking of getting season tickets and going up for some of the bigger games. stu's dad has a bid in for some tickets for the game in dallas against oklahoma :) soooo excited!

and mal, i'm sorry to inform you that our first kiss did NOT go down the night you drove me to his place, but the night after.. but i definitely give you major credit anyway!! ooooh i am SO excited to see you this weekend!!

Bay Brink said...

I am excited to do a love quiz about my husband someday...

Pray that that day comes!

You guys are too cute. Ang, I want to meet this guy!

Megan said...

oh my goodness ang, this is the cutest post. i love the picture of your guys' hands! i'm so glad i can still keep up in your life even though we are oh so far apart. steve's from mesa and we might roadtrip over to az this summer...a little rendezvous perhaps?