35 weeks

my sister took some pictures of us after church yesterday... love love love.
only 5 more weeks!!! we can't wait!


my babies are growing up...

I can't believe it... My baby sister is graduating and heading off to college next month. How did this happen? My sisters are honestly my very best friends. It's so true when they say, "when a sister is born, so is a lifelong friend." I love them so much. This weekend was so fun, I spent so much time with Jams, taking her senior pics (probably my last photo session for a while...) and getting her ready for prom. But that's nothing new, we always have such good times together. Love you to the moon Jammers.. and I'm in complete denial that you are leaving in a month. Boo.

could she be any more beautiful? honestly...



is my middle name.

yes my friends, the third trimester has definitely hit me like a big ol' semi-truck, and i feel like all i am is ex-haust-ed.

any tips for getting my energy levels up? i can hardly keep my eyes open once 3pm rolls around...



i saw this on my brothers facebook and could not stop laughing.

"Has anyone started looking for Bin Laden's horcruxes yet? Someone should probably get on that, I bet he has a few."

Stu didn't really laugh, so maybe it wasn't as funny as I thought...