It's really here! I am getting sealed to the most wonderful, generous, thoughtful, loving, handsome man TOMORROW!!! I keep thinking that the past three months have been the longest, best dream ever and I'm just going to wake up tomorrow back to regular life without this ring on my finger.. Oh that would be awful. Somebody pinch me?

Well, a lot has been going on lately-We moved all our stuff here to Arizona, I went through the temple for the first time on the 23rd (completely, indescribably happy), we had pictures taken that night, CHRISTMAS :), family dinner tonight, and the temple ceremony and reception tomorrow! It's so funny how fast but slow this whole thing has been. It's so great that it's finally here!

Christmas was great, minus the fact that I didn't get to see Stu until after 8pm.. Apparently we were both semi-cranky during the day. Our families were a little bit worried and didn't understand what was going on. Stu's brother Tanner (who is married and has gone through this whole engagement process already) told everyone off, "when you haven't seen the one you love ALL day, it's like physically painful," or something to that effect. And it's TRUE! I can't stand to be without him for too long, he's my other half and I just don't seem to function regularly when he's not around. Which is why I just can't wait until tomorrow when we can promise to be each others companion for the rest of forever.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures, no battery in the camera, but I'm sure we'll have plenty after tomorrow!

Wow this post is kind of scatter-brained! My thoughts are all over the place!


my life right now...

STUDY.. study.. study.. study.. stress.. study.. eat.. study.. test.. study.. study.. study.. stress.. study.. work.. final.. cry.. study.. stress.. study.. study.. stress.. study.. study.. stu and angie time.. eat.. sleep... study.. stress.. study.. study.. pack.. eat.. study.. study.. study.. study.. study.. stress.. study.. study.. stu and angie time.. eat.. sleep... study.. stress.. study.. study.. pack.. eat.. study.. study.. study..study.. study.. stress.. study.. study.. stu and angie time.. eat.. sleep... study.. stress.. study.. study.. pack.. eat.. study.. study.. study..FINAL FINAL FINAL.. I'M SICK OF SCHOOL!!! Get me out of here!!!

I almost don't even care what I get on these tests anymore! I just want to get back to Arizona and be married already. I think it would be cool to get a remote like on "click" so I could fast forward a couple days :)


19 days!!!

I cannot believe this. It is coming so fast! I can't even say that most everything is planned, because it most definitely is not. But the closer we get to the 27th, the more I come to realize that the most important thing about this whole thing is the fact that Stu and I are going to be SEALED for ETERNITY. We are going to the TEMPLE. There is nothing more important than that. We had such a wonderful experience yesterday, just a special day for our relationship. I kind of have a mini breakdown every time I think about being sealed to him forever, not out of doubt or worry or anything like that, I just can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to have found the one I will be with forever. He is so wonderful and I love him more than words can express. Good thing I have eternity to let him know how much I love him!


picture update!

I have totally been slacking at the blogging and I decided to devote some time tonight SOLELY for this purpose..

Twilight! We went on a double date with Davis and Melanie opening night!

Dinner at IGGY's (delicious!) after. They are so precious..


We hadn't been to the Nicklecade in FOREVER so we decided to go after the disappointing football game..

Julianne and Matt are MARRIED!!!

The girls.. We missed you Karen!!!

Stuey's First EVER Giant Hamburger experience! Seriously the best burgers, hands down! Gotta love the Mesa.

Pre-Turkey Willcox family softball game. I think I might be rethinking wearing skinny jeans ever again after this picture. Giant-looking hips and legs? No thank you..

And of course.. Fili's!!! Gosh I missed the AZB.. doesn't this look appetizing?

We went to the devils game the day after thanksgiving, kind of a let down.. I am such a huge fan of cougar football that everything about the environment really turned me of.. Is that bad to say? I just really hate the swearing and the drunk kids and the non-BYU-ness. We were pretty close though so that was nice..

My football game! This was our semi-finals last night! We WON!!! We're going to the championship! One game tomorrow and if we win, we play again on Saturday (because the other team hasn't lost yet and it's double elimination so we have to beat them twice. Yeah, lame.) and I really think we might be good enough to win! We beat this team by 5 touchdowns.. woot woot.

That's Stu right there with the white shirt and Sponge Bob pants. He's amazingly good at this game and it is so fun (hot) to watch him :) Their team got out right before semi-finals but they were in the 1st division as my team is in the 3rd..

AAAAND the BIGGEST news: Stu and I are getting married in 23 days! WOW!!!