Fall in Provo

I'm going to miss this next year when Stu and I are living in Arizona. I love the changing of the leaves, the comfy sweaters, and the football games. But then AZ has its perks too-NO SNOW! I can't even say how much I'm looking forward to locking away my huge snow coats and thermals :)

I haven't uploaded any pictures for a while so here's a glimpse at the past month and a half...

Here's some of Stu and I just messing around during one of our Sunday walks..

I am kind of amazingly strong.

Yay for fall!

So handsome :)

Julianne and I at the Relief Society broadcast in Salt Lake

I made mine and Stu's halloween costumes this year. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! It kinda scares me how good Stuart is at being a fairy..

We were invited to a party halloween night at the Barratt house. It was fun to see every ones costumes.. We had the Romans, JoBros and Hannah Montana, cereal killers, and a married couple dressed as each other. Haha.

Second star to the right, straight on til morning!

Who knew Tink had such a nice backside?

This semester has been going good so far gradewise, Stu and I are just trying to keep the stress at a low as we go about school and wedding/future planning. The wedding plans are slowly falling into place so that's nice. Any suggestions for caterers? inexpensive decoration ideas?


nate and amy crandell said...

What you made those costumes!! they ROCK! well is your wedding inside or outside...and what are the colors haha I love weddings and the decorations you know you could put cute little pumpkins on the tables with your guys' intials on them...its a very "fall" idea haha ayways we gave STU our adrress hopefully you got it!!

The Nye's said...

ahh im so jealous of your fall! lucky you! i love the costumes, that is pretty funny! I loved my caterer (jennifer hall) she really had everything perfect! If you are trying to go less expensive though you could always go cosco style, fruit, cream puffs, cheesecakes, punch, ect. and just have friends help. But as of decorating ideas...we pretty much just used everything we had for decorating..frames, love words, ect. and lots of rose pedals(cosco)!

dani said...

I love your halloween costumes! I can't believe you got Stuart to wear that, what a catch :)

Anonymous said...

angela! Whats your email address. I didn't know you had a blog

gina said...

ang..i have missed you so bad. i feel bad that i havent talked to you in so long, but i couldnt be more excited for you. it seems like you met a real catch. what a lucky guy. hope youre doing well! loves

angie said...

SAM i can't see your blog.. my email is angkang22@gmail.com

WHITNEY said...

angela, my dear, you have a lovely life :) it was good to see you the other night! lets hang out!