baby shower

My absolutely AMAZING sister-in-laws (Avery, Julie and Laurisa) and mother-in-law Joann planned a baby shower for me last month. Everything was incredible! I am so grateful for them, it was beyond perfect!

The decoration set-up was so TO-DIE-FOR cute, the food was amazing, and I'm so glad so many friends and family were able to make it out for the shower to make it so special :) it was so fun!

Ave hosted the party in her beautiful house, so many people commented on how gorgeous her home was! Ave and I made a few of the decorations (pom-poms and doily banner) and got everything set up :) I think it turned out super cute!

Stu's sister Julie MADE this cake the night before the shower (with no previous experience in using fondant) and it was so CUTE! Everyone was asking about it and we all told her she should start making cakes to sell! Isn't it incredible??? Wayyy too good to eat!

Stu's mom holding her most recent grandbaby Ruthie. She is the one behind most of the recipes for the amazing food we had at the shower. She even made her famous homemade rolls for the chicken salad, SOOOO good!

my sisters :) they helped a lot during the shower, I just love them. I was a little teary in this photo...
(does anyone remember how flat-chested I was before I got pregnant? well apparently so, because a few people made a point to tell me how boobylicious I was looking at the shower! haha! mmhmm you can bet one of the perks of pregnancy was getting out of the little girls section to go bra shopping haha... Stu doesn't mind either ;) not one bit)

A few of my dear friends from work! I really wish I had done better at getting pictures with people who came... I only have a few and I didn't even get a picture with my mom! :(

Opening the gifts was the most awkward part for me... I'm not a huge fan of being the center of attention and I got SO HOT opening all those presents! Good thing most everyone was focused on the super cute stuff for baby Milne and not me :)

I just thought this picture was funny. Apparently I'm really excited about the cute bee feet on this onesie...
so cute! I love all of the outfits we got and can't wait to put them on our little girl! There were so many cute things, Stu had to make three or four trips to get everything out to the car! I kind of lost it at the end of the shower, I just felt so overwhelmed with all my emotions... So happy and so grateful for such great friends and family and the support they have given us.

The amazing ladies behind the prettiest party I could ask for :) I love you all SO much and am so SO grateful for all you did to make it so perfect! Everything was absolutely beautiful (and delicious!). And thank you so much to all who came - I am so grateful for your friendship and love (and the cute gifts!) you made the day so wonderful!

ps I have another appointment this Friday, but last week I was measuring at 1.5cm and 80% effaced! She's getting ready!


Monica said...

it's not even fair how cute you are. seriously.

Nielsens said...

angie you're the cutest prego lady ever!!! the party looked fabulous!

Taralynn and Kory said...

you and baby girl deserved to be spoiled! love the decorations! wish i could have been there.

nate and amy crandell said...

Your shower was the CUTEST! I love the house it was at too! Can't wait to see this beautiful baby of yours.

Bev said...

Great shower~~!! ps....we need recipes, remember!!

Brady & Alexes Brown said...

you are the cutest pregnant person ever!!

The Wendelschafer's said...

Sorry I couldn't make it.. I got your invite after I got home from Utah!! But I am glad to see you had an amazing shower!! They are super fun!! I am glad that you were the center of attention. That's how it should be!!! Good luck in the next couple of weeks! It's tough but it's all WOrth it!!