"Pat, Pat, Pat..."

No, I'm not quoting Little Einsteins.. That's what we've been chanting this past week, getting ourselves pumped for Pat's Run! It was this morning at 7 in the AM (already a challenge for me) and then a 4.2 mile course! (an even BIGGER challenge) Don't get me wrong, I love exercise, but running has NEVER been my forte. Stu's either. Anyway, we were pretty stoked for it, me especially since Stu got me so super cute new running shorts for Easter.. It was really great! We all ran pretty well, I'm super proud of Stu who had awesome time! I did okay, I hope to do better next time though. They do the run every year in honor of Pat Tillman, who was killed during his tour in Iraq.

It was amazing to see all those who went out to participate, they said there were over 20,000 people there! My favorite was seeing the army troops running together as a group with Pats number on their shoulder, it was really touching. So super thanks to Stu's mom Joann for signing us up! Pictures later... sorry!

My birthday is tomorrow! Yippee!


Justin and Kelsey said...

Good job guys! And happy birthday tomorrow!!

krystal said...

Happy 21st birthday tommorow!

The Nye's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I want that cake!

nate and amy crandell said...

wow you guys are amazing for doing that!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! have the best day eVER!