This past month has been a little crazy with work and stu finishing up his semester at school. We got all of our decorations up, started our Christmas shopping, even baked some yummy Christmas treats. But we haven't had time to do some of our favorite things! I can't wait for this next week, I have every night planned with fun "get-us-in-the-christmas-spirit" things. Here's my checklist :)

We had my office Christmas party a couple days ago, it was so fun! I love getting together and seeing everyone out of scrubs and ready to have a good time :) We got our first Christmas present at the white elephant gift exchange that my doctors hosted. Can I just say that I LOVE my job?!! Stu and I got a Wii and an extra controller to enjoy- good thing too, we are absolutely obsessed with JustDance!!! This definitely gave us a head-start on getting in the spirit for Christmas, so excited for this next week!!

here's a pic of all the ladies of RME (minus aubrey) LOVE THEM!!!


The Sorensens. said...

AHHH Justin is begging me for a Wii! do you love it?!

Angie Milne said...

Aub... it is THE BEST thing ever!!! We have this dance game and we just have so much fun with it!

nate and amy crandell said...

Cute post :) I love your checklist!