This day did NOT start out well...

In the morning when I left for class and almost got in a MONDO accident not even a mile away from our home! I had to swerve major to avoid getting hit and still got nicked a bit on the drivers side. I peeled for the first time in my life [which I used to think was soo cool like on fast and furious... yeah, not cool.] The other driver sped off while I pulled into a parking lot completely shaken up and crying hysterically. Stuart drove over to me just a few minutes later after hearing my mini freak out on the phone and asking me a hundred times if I was okay. [i love him] He also reminded me to say a prayer of gratitude.

All I could say was the same thing over and over again, but I felt so much calm come over me. I was still crying when Stu found me, and I was still shaking pretty bad, but it had hit me just how much I have to be grateful for.

After about fifteen minutes of a good tight hug from Stu, I felt okay. He is the greatest really. I don't know what it is, but I am instantly happier when he's around. I feel lighter, more capable, more myself, and just better. I'm sure so many of you know what I mean. I still had to go to my class, so I reluctantly got back in the car after another squeezy hug from Stu. He told me I'd be alright, just put on some feel good music and don't think about it. And although I drove a mere 35mph the rest of the way to school, I am okay.

I hate it when it takes things like this, scary things to make us see everthing in a different light. I wish I could recognize and appreciate all the wonderful things around me, all the time. I like jotting down little "gratitude lists" every once in a while, I feel so much better and tend to complain less after one of my list. So here goes:

Today I am grateful for...

-hannah montana's "party in the USA"
-traffic laws
-my Stuart, who is my version of Mr. Wonderful
-diet coke
-tight, squeezy hugs
-messages from best friends
-my family
-my Savior, my faith
-the weekend
-beautiful pictures
-cookies and milk for lunch
-the brave men and women who serve our country

Obviously there are so many more things that I am grateful for, but this is my here and now version.

life is great.


nate and amy crandell said...
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nate and amy crandell said...

your awesome angela never change :)

Jeff and Jenny said...

Glad you ate safe! I am also thankful for the men Heavenly Father puts in our lives as our calming influences.

Ashley Kay said...

i'm glad you are ok! we really have so much to be grateful for. and yes, party in the USA is also on my list- haha!
miss you, love you, come visit please! :)

Bev said...

Girl, you are amazing and so wise for being so young! You do have one super hero at your house....take good care of him and of you too! I love, love, love this post....sure made me think!