photographic testimony

I just watched the slideshow for Mark Mabrys' new photo series, Another Testament of Christ-Reflections of Christ. I know I should be studying, [i have a test in 3 hours] but I just had to share this with all of you. What an incredible talent to be able to capture your testimony and love for the Savior in just a few pictures. Maybe you remember from a while back, my sister and I were able to take part in the angel scene- it was amazing to see what he did to the images, he truly captured angelic beings with his camera. There is an open exhibit tomorrow night in Gilbert from 6-9pm (1005 N. Voyager Drive - Gilbert, AZ 85234), try to go if you can, I know it will be a great exerience.

to view the slideshow, go here:
Another Testament of Christ. By Mark Mabry.


Dani Stolworthy said...

i watched it yesterday... isn't it wonderful??!
Thanks for your nice note :)
Break ups are always hard but it gets better!! <3 you.

nate and amy crandell said...

I Loved it!!! thank you for sharing that :)

Bev said...

AAHHHHHHH.....so peaceful!

Jarod and Tanya Rollins said...

So beautiful! So do you know where you are in the angel pictures? Its really hard to tell because its so far away but maybe seeing the picture up close we could tell where you are. His pictures are so incredible-they look like paintings with the way he takes the pictures.

Alexa Mae said...

it really is the most amazing thing i have seen ever. how talented and how special for all of us. love it! thanks for sharing doll!!

Jeff and Jenny said...

You have a lame visiting teacher, I.e. Me!!!!! I will be better and get you out and about!