Dear greatest weekend ever,
Why are you over? I sometimes just wish sometimes that I could have a remote, like the one on CLICK so I could fast forward through school and the boring weekdays and slow the weekends down. Okay, I wish this a LOT. Maybe we can work out a deal?
Dear man who throws knives round for a living,
You made Stu's 4th birthday dinner bomb-dot-com. Your impressive [and FAST] julienes of zuchinni, mushrooms, and perfectly delicious steak gave us quite the show.

Stu was like a kid in a candy store, he couldn't keep his eyes off of you. I think you are his new hero.
And your onion steamy train thing was awesome! [anyone remember the office, "a benihana christmas?" seriously the greatest episode.]

We made some great friends whilst in your presence. Thank you for giving yourself an Asian last name to better fit into your surroundings. Randy Li? Riiiight.. You really had us fooled. We'll be visiting you again! [just as soon as we get another free meal for our birthday...]
Dear Kevin and Joann,
Thank you SO SO SOOO SO much for the opportunity you gave us to go to Texas and see the Cougs play! We will never forget the trip as long as we live, it was a blast! You are the greatest!
We love you!!!
Dear Texas,
We flew early Saturday morning to make it to the game you would be hosting later that night. Just let me say, you are beautiful. I wish I had taken more pictures of your gorgeousness. You were so much more green than I expected. And the houses! oh. my. gosh. Where in Arizona will you ever see house after house of beautiful red brick or stone? Gahh if I didn't hate humidity and chiggers so much, I think I might be pleading for Stuart to move us to your state. But alas, I love my Arizona.
Dear architects of the new Cowboys stadium,
We applaud you. We got to visit for the first game ever played in your creation. Hello, amazing. BYU vs Oklahoma, woot woot. Really big deal.
The stadium is HUGE!
Your jumbotron is genius. HD quality 60 yards wide. Wow.
You did great. Thank you for making our game-watching even THAT much better.
Dear BYU fans,
We did well. I am sure that at least 90% of the seats were filled with OU fans. Talk about being outnumbered.
But we held our own. It was so cool hearing everyone get crazy after the first cougar touchdown. The cheers erupted out of our little blue corner and filled the stadium. It was incredible.
I love Zoobies. and Zoobie parents. Don't you know my kids aren't leaving the house unless they're dressed like this! So adorable.
Dear Max,
Your game was ON Saturday night. Thank you for being amazing. That is all.
p.s. that last TD pass to Jacobson was brilliant. [did you know Stu and Max played together at Mountain View? Max was QB and Stu was a receiver. Basically he's famous.]

Dear Sam Bradford,
I felt kinda really sad for you when we were watching SportsCenter after the game. I heard that you are most likely out of the running for the Heisman this year since you will be out for at least 4 weeks. I do kinda hate that the win was overshadowed by your injury, but I guess you're kind of a big deal.
I am sorry. Please get better soon.
Dear Cougars,
Oh my GOSH that was an amazing game! I was seriously on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time! [okay that's not true, Stu and I were standing most of the game because we are true blue and were just too excited] But really, that was intense! So many people didn't even give us an ounce of a chance of winning this game. But you did it!
This is after the time ran out and you decided to celebrate on the field. [note the score]
Stu and I snapped a picture in all of the madness, we wanted to capture the moment forever! [note: look at the stands behind us, the OU fans started clearing out of the stadium once the the Cougs stonewalled their attempt to score one more time.]
BCS here we come!!!
I was really sad that you didn't start the game off with the Hakka, but I was overjoyed when you started gathering up to do it after the win. I LOVE the Hakka!
Such happiness.
Just in case you didn't see the score, here it is again. WAHOOOOO! No joke, this was better than Christmas for my Stu. He was sooo excited. It was an incredible game. Keep up the wins Cougs, we're looking to buy bowl tickets this year! [BYU moved up to 9th place in national rankings!]

With love and admiration,
Stu and Angie Milne

p.s. this post took FOREVER because of the stupid rounded edges on all the pictures. Never doing that again.


nate and amy crandell said...

You are the cutest person in the world! I'm glad you guys had an awesome weekend :)

Bev said...

What an awesome post....you are most talented! Glad you had a blast!

angela hardison said...

glad you had such a nice time.

i heard alot about that football game this weekend... pretty awesome.

Dani Stolworthy said...

1. your hair looks so cute (in every picture).
2. How did you get your pictures so big? i need to know!

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela said...

Ang.. your posts are so fun! I love all these pics.. wish we could've been there, but I'm sure the trip would've been much different with two little munchkins in tow. I just read your post about your 'end game'. Although you made me look better than I am, thanks for what u wrote. The post makes me want to kick it into gear more!

Taralynn and Kory said...

i agree with dani...your hair looks great in EVERY picture! and how do you get your pictures to have round edges?

Stu and Angie Milne said...

HELLO i did not exaggerate, in the slightest. you are amazing.

Taralynn and Dani,
you guys are the nicest. thank you hair for being cooperative for once! ooh and for roundy edges: you can do this in photobucket or picnik. i did it in photobucket because i already uploaded my pics there. when you edit the pics, it's just one of the options in the "borders" or "decorate" tab. easy peasy, just takes forever to do a ton of pictures..

The Nye Family said...

cute post! Love all the pics! Go Cougars! Btw is that Ah-so?! We love that place!

Monica said...

texas is pretty awesome isn't it :)

Ashley Kay said...

love this! so jealous you got to go to the game! you're too cute!