loving on...

...so many things right now.

this guy.

colored tights.

hand-stamped charms.

taking pictures.

string cheese.

the hannah montana movie [surprisingly] and this song.

my toms. best shoes ever. [if only they were this color]

the temperature is dropping, slowly but surely. i can feel it.

mmmmm sleep. insert me here.
gorgeous necklace.. want. it. now.

just finished. loved it.

fabric yo-yos. can't stop making them. so addicting.

her blog. makes me laugh, think, cry... laugh. love it.

the reuinitification of these guys. love their new stuff.

so excited for this new season! go abby and coach mo!

mmmmmm luna bar.

best non-fresh squeezed o.j.

acai. so delish. but so expensive. why?
[sambazon brand is legit, stu even liked it and he's true brazilian. kind of.]

the office.

Stu and I are roadtripping it to Provo this weekend where we will be loving on some...

cougar football! of course.

college friends.

and most definitely some jdawgs. ohh yes.

have a great weekend and cheer on the cougs!


Alexa Mae said...

i loved this post!! so cute. the time travelers wife was my fave! have you seen the movie? im so jealous you're going to utah...i heart utah. have fun you two!

nate and amy crandell said...

haha Nate and his Dad and brothers already flew up to Utah to see the home game on Saturday. I got left behind bc it's a boy trip :( but anyways if you see him tell him HI!
cute post too :)

Bev said...

♥,♥,♥ this! Teach me how to make the pin wheels, please, please, please!

Benson & Sarah Garner said...

Yes I love the John Adams movie! We have it if you'd like to borrow it sometime, I have to warn you though - it's 8 hours long! :)
I have a fun shoot tonight if you want to come along!!
It's at 5:30 in Tempe.
Just email or call me if you'd like to come :)

Nikki & Raf said...

SERIOUSLY! The Office being back is quite the excitement! I love that show.

You've inspired me to get some Toms. I'm all about comfort :]

The Nye Family said...

seriously those are all good things to love! I love making those too...so easy yet so cute! Have fun in utah!

angela hardison said...

also loving colored tights, fabric yo-yo's, the office...

have a good weekend!

The Sorensens. said...

that is a LOT of fun stuff!! you are a great crafter/photographer!

Lauren said...

You are so so sweet. Thanks for loving my little old blog :)

Um. I LOVE Luna bars. AND Larabars! So delicious!

And Toms shoes!

And colored tights!

Brea said...

you are too cute! I totally agree with everything in this post! I loved The Time Travelers Wife book also (could have done with out the "F" bombs, but it was great!) And Açaí is AWESOME! we found True Açaí here in Hawaii, and Brint is SO HAPPY! :)

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

You're adorable.

Thank you for your sweet comment!!

I love Toms too. I've been meaning to buy myself a pair since I first discovered them in Newport like 4 years ago. Your post may have just pushed me into finally doing it!