I love Stuart Parrish Milne

Really. I do. He is seriously wonderful. Top 10 Reasons include:

1. He makes me laugh, at least a million times a day. I just can't help but be happy around him.
2. I love the way he treats people, like they are the most important thing in the world. I really get to see Christlike love through his example.
3. He's quite the handsome devil.
4. We love so many of the same things-The Office, crunchy peanut butter, college football, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, comfy pants and cuddling on the lovesac, pictures, delicious guacamole and classic trashy mexican food, each other.. The list goes on..
5. He treats me like a princess, even sometimes when I don't deserve it. But he doesn't hesitate to call me out when I'm being a brat either :)
6. He is so good with my family. My sisters LOVE him. If Stu wasn't going to be a part of the family anyway, I'm sure the girls would have me replaced.
7. He loves to cook and is SOO good at it! He also washes dishes! I'm so spoiled.
8. He loves the gospel and it's apparent in the way he acts and treats those around him. I can tell he was an amazing missionary and he's just itching to get back. (Maybe we'll get to serve a couple mission in Brazil!)
9. He has goals and is working to accomplish them. We've been reading through this book, "301 things you should ask before you get married" and honestly it's just crazy how similarly we answered these questions. (some of the questions are really kinda weird though) Our goals are already in line with each others and I know we will work towards them together.
10. He is my best friend. And he's going to be all mine in just 2 months! I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I honestly can't believe sometimes that this is my life. Yes sometimes it's crazy, but it's the most wonderful thing to be loved by someone like Stu. I couldn't ask for a better person to be with, to grow closer to for the rest of forever :) I can't wait!


Hope Maxine

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the funeral services for beautiful baby girl Hope Maxine Rollins. I say blessed only because it was one of the most powerful experiences I've had. To see this family go through such immense trials together and to do so with unshakable faith.. I hope I can exhibit the same as trials head my way. I know that they are only able to bear this because they have the comfort of the gospel in their lives. They will have eternity to get to know their beautiful little girl. Please keep their family in your prayers, pray that they will continue to stay in comfort.


Arizona for the Weekend

Stu and I went down to AZ this past weekend to get some wedding planning done and to spend time with our families.

I hadn't seen mine since we got engaged so that was fun! (plus we got to miss school on Friday) It was so so nice to be back in Mesa. We got to escape this freak cold weather that's taking over Provo, be with our families, and I even got to go to a friends wedding open house thing. Yay Taralynnn! She's getting married this Friday-I'm so excited for her!!!

Stu and I get married in less than ten weeks! Wow crazy!

Well this weekend we went around to a bunch of places to get things figured out for the reception.. Things were really stressful the past couple weeks because I was trying to figure out ways to save money but still have it be nice/easy for everyone because it's such a
crazy time right after Christmas! My brother is leaving on his mission around the same time also, so my plan was just to minimize stress for everyone by saving money AND making it easy. Well we finally decided on the Wright House in Mesa for the reception because they take care of basically EVERYTHING! It seemed like it was meant to be since they still had one of the spots open for that day (they were pretty much booked every Saturday through March..) It's really so so pretty and I'm happy because we can do a little ring ceremony before the reception for my mom and other close family that can't take part in the temple sealing.
We also went and talked to Ellen Fukumoto who is doing our
flowers, Cox Printing for announcements, and Nissel(?) Photography for our special day!

We're still getting specifics nailed down with food and other small details but I think everything is moving along nicely. I'm sad though because Stu and I took absolutely NO pictures of our weekend! This happens every time we are in Arizona. We did so many fun things too, so I'm a little bummed.. I'm so excited that we are moving to Mesa in December! I love the weather and we'll be so close to our families! We kinda got a taste of what it's going to be like during the holidays because we had to make sure to spend time with each family equally AND my mom lives down in Arizona too so we spent time with her too.. It was a little hard to split our time in three places and still get time to ourselves, but I think we'll be able to manage.
Stu and I had a 6am flight this morning so we woke up around 4am and are completely exausted. Poor Stu had to go straight to work from the airport, but being the good fiance that I am, I took him a steak and egg burrito from Rancherito's (his favorite). I love doing little things like that to try and make his day just even a little bit better :) He's so wonderful, I have to do all I can to even try to match up!


I am Glad for Many Things..

I think this is the name of a primary song that I've been humming all day.. If it's not then oh well, I'm still glad for many things :) this weekend was really fun because Stu's parents came up to Provo and spent some time with us. I am so grateful for them and how they've just taken me in! I have always felt so comfortable around them and they are so great! I love them! They took us to costco, rooted Stu on as he dominated in his intramural football game, took us out to yummy dinners, took some fun pictures and went to the Homecoming game with us. It was so fun. I was a little worried to start this week because I didn't have much time to study and get my homework done, but everything turned out fine. I got another "good job!" "fantastic!" "well done!" by my number when I looked on the testing center screen! woot woot! More things I am grateful for this week:

1. Clif bars and honey bran muffins from Mimi's Cafe
2. Not having to pay 2.25 for the bus everytime I need to get to work
3. hot hands
4. STUART PARRISH MILNE (technically #1)
5. My amazing family (who I get to see this weekend!) Mine and the family I'm marrying into
6. AZ heat
7. diggi booboo
8. Stu's ability to make me laugh anytime
9. New cellphones that hold battery charges
10. 96%!!!

I'll have to post some pictures in the next post, too tired and lazy right now.. yikers. I love life!


Let's Get Ethical, Ethical..

K I thought last nights episode of The Office was HILLARIOUS! Not the best but it did have some crack up scenes. Mine and Stu's favorite quotes from the night..

"The tall guy's engaged"
"Yeah, I took Intro to Philosophy. Twice. No big deal."
"When I discovered youtube I didn't work for five days."
"Terminate her. Terminator." "I'm from the future"
"Yawn. Four seconds."

Stu and I discovered all of these episodes are SO much funnier the second time that you see them because you can catch all the extra stuff. Thank goodness for TiVO..


Shout Out to the Inventor of BLOGGER

I love blogs! I have found some of my friends that I haven't seen in such a long time and now we can chat and see what's going on in each others lives. It's so great! I'm seriously addicted. Some of you have babies and have gotten married (not in that order) and it's so fun to see pictures and read all about them! I have been checking my fiance's brothers family blog everyday to read up on their precious baby's recovery, but I never wrote anything for me.. Now I'm obsessed! Who knows if anyone will ever read my silly posts but I think it's keeping me sane just to be able to vent a little about the crazy-goings-on in my life.. Now that I'm planning mine and Stu's reception, life has gotten a little busy and it's fun to put things here to get advice and everything. Another plus, I'll be updating frequently so it's kind of like a journal right? Okay well that's kinda lame but it's probably the best I can do for now.

This is the best invention ever!


nothing short of insanity..

Today was a crazy day for multiple reasons. I woke up at seven to do my workout (slim in six if you havent heard of it, awesome but PAINFUL) and then i went to the bathroom, came back to my room because I forgot my morning prayers, and then while I was saying them-I guess I crawled into my bed again and fell asleep for another two hours.. Needless to say, I was a tad bit late to class. Then I had some fun stuff going on with wedding reception planning because my ideas are putting my parents in the poorhouse, yikes. So I need to scale back with a few things and decide what is in the realm of "realistic." You mean money doesn't grow on trees? Dang. It's more difficult because the wedding is during the wintertime and while I am sure there won't be snow in Mesa, it will still be semi-cold and we have to have a suitable location for guests.. We we're thinking a reception in a backyard and doing a tent type thing that is open on one side and yeah I don't really know.. Any suggestions? We found out the Wright House has one opening and it would be so easy but it's a little pricey. Gah, can't it be December 28th already?! Then my finals would be finished, this wedding stuff would be out of the way, I would be sealed for forever to Stuy, and I wouldn't be worrying about all this stuff anymore! I know that the most important thing is that I am getting married in the temple which means we can go on loving each other through eternity; but I want this to be a memorable night, especially because my mom mom can't be a part of the ceremony inside the temple. I want the reception to be so perfect! But I don't need it to be over the top or the most expensive thing ever, just nice for my family and friends. PS everyone we are having mexican (maybe) catered to our reception. Mmmmmmmmm! any ideas for cutting costs but still having a nice little party? any ideas would be appreciated! There are so many things to plan yet and think about! Stu and I were thinking up outfits for our engagement pictures which we're planning on doing this week. Should this be such a big deal? But that adds a little to the stress.. Also having some drama at work and with some of my extended family.. Yippee. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that tomorrow will be an easier day.. Which I doubt.


Fullness of Times

Hooray for General Conference!! I love the fact that we get to hear from these wonderful authorities so often! What a blessing it is to have modern revelation! I'm so grateful for President Monson and his guidance in these crazy times. I love his counselors and all the others that Heavenly Father has chosen to lead us. Stu and I decided to stay here in Provo this time instead of trying to make it for one of the sessions in Salt Lake.. It's kind of sad that we're not taking advantage of living this close because next time we'll be in AZ, but I think I get more out of it being here and not worrying about the stress of getting to the conference center.. and I think I've fallen asleep every time I've been in a meeting inside the center.

Plus Stu and I get to cuddle on the lovesac and eat yummy waffles while watching. Best weekend ever? Anywhoooo, I love conference!

Having the gospel is such a blessing in my life. And knowing that Heavenly Father provides instruction for us through these amazing men is just another testament of the love of God. He would never just leave us to find our way back to him alone. He wants us to return, He does all he can to help us learn, to help us find happiness. I am so grateful for the examples in these great men, in our stake presidents, in our bishops, in our home teachers and Relief Society presidents. I know this church is true, I know that we are truly blessed to have this gospel restored to us. Think of all the new temples being dedicated across the world! It is simply amazing how much this truth is spreading.

I love the church!


Vice Presidential Debate?

I am deeply saddened right now. The reason? The Office was replaced by the Vice Presidential debate.. Why? I think NBC's decision disappointed millions tonight. Including Stu and I who struggled for like twenty minutes to get the TiVO to work and it wasn't even on. Okay I understand that the outcome of this upcoming election affects the whole nation but REALLY? Replacing The OFFICE???



I'm Grateful For..

Today I was feeling a little stressed and was concentrating a little too much on trivial stuff. I really am grateful for so much, I want to focus on a few before I crawl into bed..

I am so grateful for family. For mine and Stu's. I can't wait until January when Stu and I will be living in AZ full-time so we can visit any time that we want. Well until they start putting bars on the doors at least..

My parents have done so much for me and continue to give and give. What would I do without them!? I love you!!!

And Stu's parents are so so great and so kind. I am one lucky lady, I get to have this amazing boy and his family too!

I'm grateful for things that keep me busy. I had a day a while back where I felt like I had no purpose and it was one of the worst days I've had in a while. So yes, while I feel like I have no time for anything and maybe get a little stressed out every once in a while, I'm blessed to have these things that occupy my time. Especially because one of those things is planning my wedding stuff :)

I'm so grateful for Stu and his ability to make me happy no matter what. Today, we laughed and joked around about the most random things (he does an amazing Sloth impression that left me laughing for ten minutes) I'm just so lucky to have an amazing fiance that I know will keep me smiling for the rest of forever.

Less than 3 months!

I almost forgot!

I was so so so overjoyed this week when I walked down the stairs in the testing center to find that I had a "perfect score!" next to my number! Probably the greatest accomplishment of my life, especially considering the school that I attend and that it was a calc test. Booyah!

The dreaded testing center.. I stole this picture from the internet. who would take a normal picture of this evil place? Oh and something I heard: Sacrament meeting held in the testing center? Really?

details, details, details..

This has been one crazy week so far.. Not bad though, just busy. Reason being, I have been given until next week to pick out the style of my wedding dress and reception colors. No big deal, seeing as i have tons of time on my hands and those decisions are the least important of the whole dealie. FALSE. I hope my sarcasm was picked up on.. I tried on a few ugly dresses yesterday, ps Alyse's Bridal has a scanty selection and either I have poor taste or those dresses were just not nice looking. I've been looking online and I had an ideal in my head of what i wanted a while ago but who knows if it would look good on me right? The dresses I tried on yesterday didn't help much. there was only one that I even remotely liked. Yes, I'm picky. Everyone knows that. Maybe it's a personal problem that I need to work on..

Although my sisters are (apparently) opposed to my colors, I have decided on yellow and brown. Yes I know I'm not getting married during the spring, but we can blame that on Stu and his impatience :)