Fullness of Times

Hooray for General Conference!! I love the fact that we get to hear from these wonderful authorities so often! What a blessing it is to have modern revelation! I'm so grateful for President Monson and his guidance in these crazy times. I love his counselors and all the others that Heavenly Father has chosen to lead us. Stu and I decided to stay here in Provo this time instead of trying to make it for one of the sessions in Salt Lake.. It's kind of sad that we're not taking advantage of living this close because next time we'll be in AZ, but I think I get more out of it being here and not worrying about the stress of getting to the conference center.. and I think I've fallen asleep every time I've been in a meeting inside the center.

Plus Stu and I get to cuddle on the lovesac and eat yummy waffles while watching. Best weekend ever? Anywhoooo, I love conference!

Having the gospel is such a blessing in my life. And knowing that Heavenly Father provides instruction for us through these amazing men is just another testament of the love of God. He would never just leave us to find our way back to him alone. He wants us to return, He does all he can to help us learn, to help us find happiness. I am so grateful for the examples in these great men, in our stake presidents, in our bishops, in our home teachers and Relief Society presidents. I know this church is true, I know that we are truly blessed to have this gospel restored to us. Think of all the new temples being dedicated across the world! It is simply amazing how much this truth is spreading.

I love the church!

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