details, details, details..

This has been one crazy week so far.. Not bad though, just busy. Reason being, I have been given until next week to pick out the style of my wedding dress and reception colors. No big deal, seeing as i have tons of time on my hands and those decisions are the least important of the whole dealie. FALSE. I hope my sarcasm was picked up on.. I tried on a few ugly dresses yesterday, ps Alyse's Bridal has a scanty selection and either I have poor taste or those dresses were just not nice looking. I've been looking online and I had an ideal in my head of what i wanted a while ago but who knows if it would look good on me right? The dresses I tried on yesterday didn't help much. there was only one that I even remotely liked. Yes, I'm picky. Everyone knows that. Maybe it's a personal problem that I need to work on..

Although my sisters are (apparently) opposed to my colors, I have decided on yellow and brown. Yes I know I'm not getting married during the spring, but we can blame that on Stu and his impatience :)

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Stuart Milne said...

Dont blame me for being so impatient! It's not my fault that you are so perfect and I want to marry you