I'm Grateful For..

Today I was feeling a little stressed and was concentrating a little too much on trivial stuff. I really am grateful for so much, I want to focus on a few before I crawl into bed..

I am so grateful for family. For mine and Stu's. I can't wait until January when Stu and I will be living in AZ full-time so we can visit any time that we want. Well until they start putting bars on the doors at least..

My parents have done so much for me and continue to give and give. What would I do without them!? I love you!!!

And Stu's parents are so so great and so kind. I am one lucky lady, I get to have this amazing boy and his family too!

I'm grateful for things that keep me busy. I had a day a while back where I felt like I had no purpose and it was one of the worst days I've had in a while. So yes, while I feel like I have no time for anything and maybe get a little stressed out every once in a while, I'm blessed to have these things that occupy my time. Especially because one of those things is planning my wedding stuff :)

I'm so grateful for Stu and his ability to make me happy no matter what. Today, we laughed and joked around about the most random things (he does an amazing Sloth impression that left me laughing for ten minutes) I'm just so lucky to have an amazing fiance that I know will keep me smiling for the rest of forever.

Less than 3 months!

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Breanna said...

oh...my...goodness. Somehow I didn't know any of this! I love you two! Congrats!!!!! December will come so soon!
Keep laughing girlfiend! You are amazing!

p.s. I am jealous that you are doing yellow and brown! I wanted to do that and then I felt like yellow flowers were too bright for november but you do it! and love it! OR someone gave me the great idea of doing ivory flowers and just have other things yellow and brown? whatever you do will be gorgeous!
love ya girl!