nothing short of insanity..

Today was a crazy day for multiple reasons. I woke up at seven to do my workout (slim in six if you havent heard of it, awesome but PAINFUL) and then i went to the bathroom, came back to my room because I forgot my morning prayers, and then while I was saying them-I guess I crawled into my bed again and fell asleep for another two hours.. Needless to say, I was a tad bit late to class. Then I had some fun stuff going on with wedding reception planning because my ideas are putting my parents in the poorhouse, yikes. So I need to scale back with a few things and decide what is in the realm of "realistic." You mean money doesn't grow on trees? Dang. It's more difficult because the wedding is during the wintertime and while I am sure there won't be snow in Mesa, it will still be semi-cold and we have to have a suitable location for guests.. We we're thinking a reception in a backyard and doing a tent type thing that is open on one side and yeah I don't really know.. Any suggestions? We found out the Wright House has one opening and it would be so easy but it's a little pricey. Gah, can't it be December 28th already?! Then my finals would be finished, this wedding stuff would be out of the way, I would be sealed for forever to Stuy, and I wouldn't be worrying about all this stuff anymore! I know that the most important thing is that I am getting married in the temple which means we can go on loving each other through eternity; but I want this to be a memorable night, especially because my mom mom can't be a part of the ceremony inside the temple. I want the reception to be so perfect! But I don't need it to be over the top or the most expensive thing ever, just nice for my family and friends. PS everyone we are having mexican (maybe) catered to our reception. Mmmmmmmmm! any ideas for cutting costs but still having a nice little party? any ideas would be appreciated! There are so many things to plan yet and think about! Stu and I were thinking up outfits for our engagement pictures which we're planning on doing this week. Should this be such a big deal? But that adds a little to the stress.. Also having some drama at work and with some of my extended family.. Yippee. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that tomorrow will be an easier day.. Which I doubt.


Dee said...

Girl, just get married in vegas at a chapel of love. It'll solve all your problems. :) Ha.

The Clawson's said...

Oh, my heck!!! This is quite exciting! When I found out Taralynn was getting married, I seriously asked myself....I wonder what Angela's up to? I'm so glad you found me! I'm so happy for you! So I will be in Mesa for Christmas and the week before Thanksgiving...But I would love to come to your reception! email me and I'll get you my address!

The Nye's said...

hey!! im so glad you found me! CONGRATS!! im so happy for you..he seems like a great guy, which you definitely deserve the best! We will for sure have to get together once you get home! Good luck on all the wedding plans..money savers..order flowers from cosco.. have your dress made.. borrow things you know your friends already have.. just think about whats the most important and put the money in that..for me it was the pictures! Oh and not sure if your date is a weekend..but weekday is much cheeper too!