Arizona for the Weekend

Stu and I went down to AZ this past weekend to get some wedding planning done and to spend time with our families.

I hadn't seen mine since we got engaged so that was fun! (plus we got to miss school on Friday) It was so so nice to be back in Mesa. We got to escape this freak cold weather that's taking over Provo, be with our families, and I even got to go to a friends wedding open house thing. Yay Taralynnn! She's getting married this Friday-I'm so excited for her!!!

Stu and I get married in less than ten weeks! Wow crazy!

Well this weekend we went around to a bunch of places to get things figured out for the reception.. Things were really stressful the past couple weeks because I was trying to figure out ways to save money but still have it be nice/easy for everyone because it's such a
crazy time right after Christmas! My brother is leaving on his mission around the same time also, so my plan was just to minimize stress for everyone by saving money AND making it easy. Well we finally decided on the Wright House in Mesa for the reception because they take care of basically EVERYTHING! It seemed like it was meant to be since they still had one of the spots open for that day (they were pretty much booked every Saturday through March..) It's really so so pretty and I'm happy because we can do a little ring ceremony before the reception for my mom and other close family that can't take part in the temple sealing.
We also went and talked to Ellen Fukumoto who is doing our
flowers, Cox Printing for announcements, and Nissel(?) Photography for our special day!

We're still getting specifics nailed down with food and other small details but I think everything is moving along nicely. I'm sad though because Stu and I took absolutely NO pictures of our weekend! This happens every time we are in Arizona. We did so many fun things too, so I'm a little bummed.. I'm so excited that we are moving to Mesa in December! I love the weather and we'll be so close to our families! We kinda got a taste of what it's going to be like during the holidays because we had to make sure to spend time with each family equally AND my mom lives down in Arizona too so we spent time with her too.. It was a little hard to split our time in three places and still get time to ourselves, but I think we'll be able to manage.
Stu and I had a 6am flight this morning so we woke up around 4am and are completely exausted. Poor Stu had to go straight to work from the airport, but being the good fiance that I am, I took him a steak and egg burrito from Rancherito's (his favorite). I love doing little things like that to try and make his day just even a little bit better :) He's so wonderful, I have to do all I can to even try to match up!


nate and amy crandell said...

In 10 weeks! thats soon how exciting I know the planning can be stressful but your smart to keep it simple, YAY! Im excited for you!

The Clawson's said...

It was so good to see you! I'm so excited for you two to get married! It's the best!