dear baby girl,

we're past the halfway point! only about 19 1/2 weeks till you join your daddy and i! we met your beautiful brand-new cousin last night, and you were so excited! i think you felt her presence. you kept poking around all night and early this morning :) i absolutely love feeling you move. i'm starting to feel you more and more now, it's the greatest. more people are starting to notice you, one of my sunbeams even said that my belly "keeps getting HUGER" which half warms my heart, half makes me super self-conscious. i bought some new jeans this week so i didn't have to keep squishing you in my old ones and i think both of us are grateful. which reminds me, we bought a couple things for you that i am just obsessed with, i just love picturing you in them and can't wait to see what you look like! will you have daddy's sunflower eyes? i sure hope so. we found out last week that you are starting to hear things with your cute little ears, so we have started singing and talking to you even more. daddy just loves talking to you and kissing my belly, knowing that you're just a few inches away. every morning he gets on his knees and talks to you for a few seconds, telling you how much he loves you and i. we are so precious to him. you are so precious to us. keep growing healthy and strong little one, we are anxiously waiting for you!

love, mommy


nate and amy crandell said...

you are so cute angela! I love this post :) your going to be the best parents ever!!!

Bev said...

Tears and I read this....seriously, what a sweet tribute to your sweet baby! She will be so lucky to be in your fam!!