productivity is my middle name

i have the week off (yes!) i plan to keep this by my bed to make sure i don't let it pass me by. the weather is gorgeous, i have a million projects on my to-do list, and the future baby room resembles something off the hoarders show on TLC... i'm gonna bust out the beach cruiser, knock a few of these projects off my list, and get that room in order- fully taking advantage of this week! so excited!

[feel free to download and print off this image for your own home if you need a little extra encouragement in the mornings like me :)
just click on it to take it to its full size and then send it to your printer!]


nate and amy crandell said...

hahaha "hoarders" you are hilarious! Have a fun week girl, call me if you get bored!

Kelsey Stenquist said...

Haha thats how I feel about our baby's room too! It stresses me out so bad that I don't end up doing anything about it! But I hope you get everything done you want to this week!!

Chris and Christy said...

You're so cute Ang. I love this!

Jamie Willcox said...

you have a whole week off.. and you didn't tell me.. how was i supposed to know to ditch school?