place your bets

We find out in 2 days whether we're having a


I really have no idea what's been brewing in this belly of mine, so many people have their theories though... You know the whole, "if you crave veggies then you're having a _____" yada, yada, yada... Who knows if it's true? So to give you a better guess, here are some of the weird, I've-only-done-this-since-being-pregnant things over the last 4 1/2 months:

-I hate veggies. (just now, which is devastating because I usually love them!) ugh and salads gross me out.
-I have always been obsessed with berries and citrus, but now it's over the top... I can polish off an entire Costco-size container of strawberries in a day (by myself) and clementine cuties are my best friend. Also, I did not love apples before- now I eat them with a vengeance.
-I love anything sweet, but I also love salty and crunchy things like chips or cheeze-its.
-I sleep mostly on my left side. I hate that I can't sleep on my back anymore!
-My hair has gone limp limp limp! I can't get any volume without a ton of product.
-I didn't really start having "morning sickness" until about 9 weeks, but it has lasted
for a good portion of the 2nd trimester. I hardly ever got sick in the mornings, it was usually all around nighttime. big thumbs down.
-This baby is HIGH MAINTENANCE. Our little soybean likes to be fed every two hours, pretty much on the dot. Otherwise the nausea sets in... No thank you.
-I gained a TON of weight right right at the beginning (like the first ten weeks), but haven't gained any since. Although I feel like I look like I'm at least 30 lbs up from when I started.
-I am tired. ALL. THE. TIME.

Haha I don't know if these give any hints as to what I'm having, it probably just means I'm big and pregnant and my body is doing some fun stuff right now! So fun!

what's your guess?


Natalie and Trent said...

those wives tales all said Logan was supposed to be a girl...haha. How exciting you will finally know what the baby is!

My guess is boy :-)

nate and amy crandell said...

SOO excited!!!

I vote Boy!

Deron Ashley and Gavin said...

Pink :) Either way, you will have the cutest quarter asian baby in the world.

The Clawson's said...

My first hunch was GIRL!

jules said...

All three of my pregnant sisters are having boys. . . so I vote boy!

The Dark Family said...

I'm saying Boy, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it's gonna be an adorable Milne baby girl!!!

Robin said...

Im gonna go out on a hunch here and say that it's gonna e a boy! Because I love Aaron and ben!


Can't wait!!

Tim & Mirtha said...


We are so excited for you!!

Jamie Willcox said...

I DON'T CARE!! because either way... Theyre gonna be stinking cute and beautiful and raised by the two most amazing people!! I love you guys!!!

But if auntie Jamie had to guess... Boy! :)

{ j & j } said...


Pam said...

Girl! definitely a girl!

love, Pam

Amber said...

I couldn't get a veggie down my throat even if you forced it so therefore I vote boy!! :)