good to remember

stu will sing "i am a child of God" to baby milne in portugese sometimes before bedtime. he wants her to know, even now, that she is special, a daughter of God. i can't help but get choked up every time i hear him sing it so tenderly to my belly... it is so sweet.

it's funny how quickly i forget that i am a child of God too. it's easy to feel insignificant when i think of all the other millions of people in this world. but when i think about how much i already love this baby girl of mine, and how much i want in this world for her, how much i think about her... my child... that is the way He thinks of each and every one of us. we are His children.

remember, you are precious.


erin said...

this is so cute :)
ps. you look awesome with your 22 week belly!

Chris and Christy said...

I love you Ang...you're so cute :) thanks for that reminder. Ps. I need you to make me a cute button for my adoption profile! :)