the best part of my life

better than i was, more than i am.
and all of this happened by taking your hand.
who i am now is who I wanted to be.
now that we're together, i'm stronger than ever, i'm happy and free.

oh it's a beautiful thing, don't think i can keep it all in
if you asked me why i've changed, all i gotta do is say your sweet name

it's your love
it just does something to me, it sends a shock right through me
i can't get enough.
and if you wonder, about the spell i'm under

it's your love

to my perfect match, i love you (super mucho)


Danie Rae Whatcott said...

Oh that was so sweet!! :) i love, Love Spells.... haha

Jamie Willcox said...

ang you are so cute with stu.