last night, we got to see this:


Ahhh it was soooo much fun and seriously AMAZING. The best part: We started out with good seats (first row, third balcony). But halfway through the concert, a friend of Stu's Uncle Paul asked us if we wanted to move down. TO THE 12th ROW. FRONT AND CENTER. ummm hi, is that even a question?? I seriously died and went to show choir heaven. Second best part, two words: KURT HUMMEL. (i don't know his non-gLee name..) his Defying Gravity solo was wayyyy better than Rachel Berry's, and all I can say is I am going to be GLUED to the tv next week to watch for the Lady Gaga song they performed. ahhh still obsessssssssed!

a BIG shout out goes to this guy:

thank you so sooo sooooo much love! you-da, you-da bessssst!
i love so much that we love the same things, and enjoy doing so much together. we are the perfect match, in every way.


Danie Rae Whatcott said...

UMMM I am soo jealous!! It sounded way fun! Cant wait to talk to you more about it at work tomorrow!!

krystal said...

sooo jealous of you!!!ahhh i wish i went. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show.

Cory and Scarlett Bendixen said...

It was so fun seeing u at the concert! It was amazing. We ended up moving closer too. To like the 20th row. So much better and so much more fun down there!

jules said...

hilarious pic of stu! miss you guys. . .