The last regular season football game for the Cougs is always against their rivals, Utah. This year, the game was at BYU so of course Stu and I had plans to go since the beginning of the season. So, after getting up at 4am on Black Friday and scoring some major deals with my cousin, Stu and I left on our 12 hour drive to P-town. (Stu is too good to me, he let me sleep most of the way)

We scored some great 45-yard line seats and gave the others to Tyler and Brittany so we could all sit together. SOOO cold, but so fun!

The whole DAY worth of driving (plus the 3 hours at the Hoover Dam) was definitely worth it! The game went into overtime, a total nail-biter, but BYU pulled through in the end and won it by three! Look at the crowd that rushed the field after the game, so sick.
I think we might have to get season tickets again next year... WE LOVE OUR COUGS!!!


Dani Stolworthy said...

YES! so happy to read a blog! You are the cutest! Hope Arizona is treating you well. Utah is missing you, although you're lucky... it's freezing!!

Taralynn and Kory said...

you look darling in that outfit!

Autumn Fauver said...

How fun! I was just in utah the other day it was so nice to be back there, I love provo. Oh & I have to say I love your jacket! Where did you get it girl?