Is it weird to say that I feel like the most blessed girl in the whole world? Lately, time has been whipping by so fast that I haven't had time to think of all the happy, wonderful things in my life even though I'm surrounded by them. Thankfully, school is over and now I have a little break from work (wheeww) and due to a nasty little illness, I spent some time in bed yesterday just loving on my little life.

.In four days, Stu and I will have been sealed to each other for ONE year. What a blessing he is to me. I can't imagine my life without that man. He is my rock, my comfort, and my comedic relief :)

.I finished all my prerequisites for the dental hygiene program, and it feels so good. Stu and I have been discussing some options lately about where our life is headed and it just feels great to have that part behind us!
.Stuart is amazing. He is working so hard to provide for our little family and just passed his real estate test! Just one more to go and he is licensed as an agent! I know it's been so hard for him with school and work and his other responsibilities, but he did it! I am so proud of him and love him so much.
.We finally had to turn the heater on at night because it was getting so cold! "Winter" is here! I love it! Now I can wear lots of these:

. I. LOVE. MY. JOB. I can say honestly that I enjoy going to work every morning! Even if it's at 7am! I am learning loads and I really just have the best co-workers ever.
. We have the greatest family in the world!
. Christmas is in 2 days and I just can't wait :) I finally turned my station to 99.9 (only AFTER Thanksgiving was officially over) and I am just engulfed in the Christmas spirit! Our little tree is so so cute and our home is ready for a visit from Santa!

Merry Christmas everyone! Life is good.

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