free is my favorite word

Tomorrow you can get in FREE at the AZ science museum from 10am-5pm! It is the coolest place! I think normal admission is around $10-$15 so this is an awesome deal! click here for the details.

Equally awesome: BYU vs. TCU tomorrow night. Stu and I would be up in Utah getting ready for the game of our lives, but I am taking photos at a wedding reception tonight so we sold our tickets to someone else... sad, I know. But that doesn't mean we wont be watching/wearing our cougar blue all day! ESPN Game Day is going to be at Lavelle Edwards, BYU [16th] is playing TCU [8th] and we're hoping for a big upset! Gooooo Cougs!!!

Oh! and one of my very best friends Mandy Gibbons opened her mission call last night!!! We have been close friends since high school and I cried (happy tears) when she told me she put in her papers. I am so excited for her and know she will be such an amazing servant of the Lord. The wonderful people of Rosario, Argentina are soooo lucky to have this girl come January! I love you Mand!!!
hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

*REVISED... Stu and I won't be going to the science museum, our day just got too busy! (insert sad face)


Lauren said...

I would love to go to the museum, but alas...Ted works. :(

What We Love said...

ugh if tanner wasn't working we'd love to meet up with you guys. love the museum!

Anonymous said...

hi there stu blah blah, whatever your blog name is,
my name is Lame and i am so happy to go all Anon on ya!
whooo hooo
yay me
yay for lame

Stu and Angie Milne said...

umm okay?

angela hardison said...

it has been too long since i've been to the science museum.

love free museum nights.

also, i always love your comments... they're just thoughtful and make me smile. so thank you.