Happy Birthday to You... Happy Birthday to You...

My dear Stu is now 24 years old! We were in California last weekend with Stu's family so we had fun celebrating with them. [unfortunately, we had to drive back to Mesa Sunday morning, so a big chunk of his actual birthday was spent in a car...] We went to his parents for family birthday dinner, and last night we went out, just us, to celebrate. (my mom was pleased to know that he chose a Korean restaurant.. pictures to come.)

Here's a "happy birthday" worth of things I love about him:


Helpful, happy, and humble
Yes-man (he is always the first to jump up and do)

Other adjectives would include: loving, fun, wonderful, hilarious, charitable, focused, cuddly, friendly... the list goes on.

It was kind of frustrating trying to figure out what to get this lovable man for his birthday, he didn't want anything. Yeah, no seriously, he would say "I don't need anything. I have all I could ever want," or someone else would ask and he'd say, "I have what I want, she [me] is sitting right next to me." Yes, I know, so cute.. But it didn't help me any! I had to get him something... And to top it off, the plans I came up with were foiled! Sad day. I learned some things about the hubs though, the Milne fam is not huge on birthdays and presents. They enjoy the simple things on their special day- getting together as a family, getting to use the special birthday plate, sharing a delish homemade cake, laughing about memories and expressing their favorites about the birthday boy, unwrapping maybe a small gift or two, living and loving in the moment. It was really nice and refreshing that the focus wasn't on what presents you got or didn't get, something I am excited to take into our future home. Now, I'm not completely reformed, so I do have some gifties ["nifty gifties"] for the birthday boy...

I love you so much Stu! You make my life happy everyday. I hope you enjoyed your birthday!


nate and amy crandell said...

tell stu we said happy b-day! I'm glad you guys were able to get away!

Alexa Mae said...

Angie! I heart you. Seriously. I look forward to your comments, they always make my day!! You are my fave. Happy birthday to your hubby too!! Gotta love those Virgos ;)!

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