Finally! A New Post!

With school, work, church callings and a fun new hobby, it's been really hard to keep the blog updated.. sorry sorry. The worst part is I don't really remember all that has been going on. But, here are some pictures from the last month..

A few diamond backs games (too bad they kind of stink right now)

We helped my momma with moving, she moved to New York last month. We miss her lots.

We spent a fun night with my mom and sisters before she left.
PF changs and bowling? great combination :)

We headed over to San Diego with Stu's family for the week of the 4th. So fun! It really was more of a relaxing vacation. We spent most of our time at the beach everyday and even did a session in the San Diego Temple! It really is the most breathtaking place.

Tanner and Ave and their cute little family

Kev and Jodie for a walk on the beach. Thank you guys so much! The trip was awesome!

This picture kind of encapsulates the whole trip. LOTS of smashball and boogie boarding for the brave souls who entered the freezing water.

Also lots of yogurtland :) kind of my new favorite place ever. Lucky for me, there's one right by ASU!
Mmmmm pomegranate raspberry... you get in my belly.

The grownups went to the amusement park one night, way fun. [note to all, the spinning-tilty ride is NOT good on the stomach]

Stu and Grafton grew out their man beards the whole trip.
I kinda like it :)

Stu catching some waves


the brothers

Great trip! The vacation was definitely necessary. I wish I could put all the pictures up, there were so many!


Since then, we've both been doing school and working as much as we can. Just one more semester until I can apply to hygiene school! I had my last anatomy 201 class today, thaaaaank goodness. Stu is still working on a degree in business and just completed a three-week course for real estate. He went to school for 9+ hours a day AND worked anytime he could. He's kind of amazing and really works hard to take care of us.

Ooooh and:

We got brand-spanking-new phones, looove these babies. Stu is kind of obsessed with his.

(not my hand)

We also finished watching LOST [i'm kind of grateful, that show was getting crazy] and now we have started watching Alias, which so far is awesome!

Stu let me get a nice new camera so I could take my hobby a little further. I love it!

I also got some new editing software that is absolutely amazing. It can do so much with photos.
ps thank you stu!

That's pretty much all we've been up to, our life has gotten busy- but happy. This summer I've seen some of my close friends that have gotten home from their missions, some leave on their missions, some of my great friends get engaged [SOOO many weddings coming up!], and some starting their families with their first child! It's been a great summer, definitely mostly good news :) No babies at the Milne home just yet (to the dismay of my eager parents..)

We hope everything is well in your lives too!

PS If you haven't checked out the photoblog and entered the giveaway for a free photo session, tomorrow is the LAST day! Do it!


Monica said...

um hi you're beautiful and when there are children at the milne home they will be beautiful too :)

1autumn said...

Awww no babys yet!? Dang it! haha umm I haven't even had my baby yet, but its coming up so soon here! Hey Looks like you are having an awesome summer I am totl jealous of your camera and editing skills by the way... they are suahweet! Joel promised me a nice camera like yours for christmas but I don't think I want to wait that long dang it! ha ha

Scott+Tiffany said...

Looks like such a fun trip. I love the beach! Aren't you so glad to be done with summer school? Yay for the 2 week break

Carly Jo Porter said...

Angela I am so happy for you too! It looks like you and Stu are having so much fun together, and YES I am so excited for my mission! I know that it will be incredible :)

Bev said...

That post made me tired just reading it....you guys have been busy and you didn't even mention the church jobs...whew....you need another vacation!

Dani Stolworthy said...

ok. you have to be the most photogenic person ever! You're so so pretty! thanks for keeping me entertained during my last loooong hour of work :)

nate and amy crandell said...

fun trip, the beach is my favorite :) and how long has stu had a beard!!