As Summer Ends..

Geez it seems like we didn't even have time to enjoy the summer, and now it's almost over! We know we MUST be grown-ups now, we hardly did any of the typical "summer stuff" that you get to waste all your days doing while you're a kid. I think we went swimming TWICE? And I am really lacking a nice summery tan :( booo.

We are having a good time though, no doubt about that! Here are some of the things that we have been up to...

Baseball games!!! [yes, again.] Every once in a while Stu's "Uncle" Paul (he's not really his uncle, but we pretend because he's like family) gives us GREAT tickets right behind the visitors dugout. We have fun jeering along with all the hardcore fans, we both love the vendors that walk up and down the aisles too. "lemonade, lemonade-just like your mamma made" hahaaha. THANKS Paul!
Ps I feel like I look really gerbil-ish in this picture.
WICKED! Oh my gosh AMAZING. We doubled with Tan and Ave, bought LOTS of candy to take into the theater, and seriously enjoyed the show. I really recommend it! Avery and I can't get the incredible songs out of our heads!
This has been my new project for the past little bit. I got it at goodwill on half-off Saturday for only $5! I have been sanding it down mercilessly to get that nasty red varnish off and then I am going to spray it a cream-ish color (which doesn't match any of the colors in our apt currently, but I am thinking for the future milne home-I'm getting a little tired of the BLACK everything.)

This was Stu's life for a few weeks, real estate school for 9+ hours a day. (no that's not him, and no this isn't really his school. I google imaged.) Now he's just studying like a mad man to pass the ridiculous test!

And this is what I've been up to, taking pictures. It's been really fun and I even have some sessions set up for the next couple months!

An episode or two (or four) of Alias has been part of our daily routine since we've gotten hooked. We just started the last season though and are a little sad that it's almost over.. And I am really kind of upset with where the show is going, but I don't want to ruin it for you so I won't share details. Go rent it!

[Speaking of renting.. I feel a need to watch Billy Madison sometime in the near future.] We start school again on Monday! Stu is taking more business classes (econ and accounting, not so fun) and I'm finishing up my two last prereqs for hygiene (microbio and the 2nd half of anatomy) and taking a photo class! Wish us luck!

We hope you had a good summer too!
What was your favorite part of summer?


nate and amy crandell said...

I know I miss being a kid too they have it so easy! And yes I did get a new number so I'll have Nate text Stu my number it might be safer that way :)

The Nye Family said...

Yeah I agree this summer went by way to fast! I think we only hit the pool twice as well. I haven't watched Alias...but maybe I should? We're hooked on Gray's Anatomy right now! :)

Nikki & Raf said...

Look at you, being all crafty! That table is fabulous!

Summer really came and went very fast.

Alyssa and Tyler said...

I don't like being grown up either. My summer tan/ swimming opportunities decreased dramatically this year. Being married requires responsibility and stuff. haha :)
It sounded like you had an awesome summer though. Have fun in school!!

Dani Stolworthy said...

ANGELA! so excited to see YOU! when i read that i got even more happy that i'm in arizona. i completely forgot that i'd be able to have a little catch up! see you tomorrow!

ParkerandJershon said...

Hey!! Yes I remember you from high school. I think your husband and my husband knew eachother? You'll have to ask him if he remembers Parker Hancock. Thanks for the Hollar, still figuring blogging out!!

Alexa Mae said...

i went by so fast!! i love baseball games. and wasn't WICKED the best...ahh i loved it! that table is so cute, you'll have to post a pic of the finished product. and i love your photography!!