ringin in the new year

To be honest, I had a negative attitude going in to New Years Eve. Let me explain. Stu and I planned to go to the Fiesta Bowl block party down on Mill Ave to celebrate the new year and found out they were selling tickets at the grocery store. As we left, tickets in hand, I thought it would be fun to ride piggyback through the parking lot (I'm eight, I know). I quickly realized this was a bad idea as I lay on the asphalt while some Fry's value members called 911... I jumped a little too high and flipped over Stu's back and landed right on my head, ouch. Poor Stu was freaking out a little bit at this point. I was a tad bit mortified when an ambulance AND a fire truck ripped into the parking lot especially since I felt basically fine, minus the huge goose egg on my head. After getting hooked up to an EKG and refusing the stretcher for the ninth time, they finally let me go. So, yeah... Not too excited to party it up a few hours later.

But I'm so glad we kept to our original plan! After dinner with Kevin and Joann (and a couple extra strength Tylenol) we met up with Graf and Laurisa on Mill and had an awesome time!

Obviously only Laurisa and I got the scarf memo.

Yeah, we partied with Gene.
Ummm apparently this guy thought the building was his audience?

I love us :)

No, alcoholic beverages were not consumed.
So precious together :)

Bring it on 2010!

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Beary Bee said...

YEAH! You caught up! I totally just read every post. And I'm sorry to say that I totally laughed AGAIN about the whole head injury story. Oops. But don't worry... I'm sure someday soon I'll have a terribly funny but sad story to tell to you.