Phoenix Drying

Every Wednesday for the past few weeks, Stu's been playing football on a city league with his brother and friends. I've only been able to go when his games are later at night because of mutual, but it's been so fun to watch him play when I can! Their team is really good and even made it to play-offs again!

There's Stu on the end. It is so hard to get a picture of him, he's so fast!

Stu taking a little breather while sitting next to me :)

Ever since Stu and I started dating, he's been involved in some kind of sport. I love being able to support him and cheer him on from the sidelines. I love watching him play and I love that he has an outlet that makes him so happy!

Good luck in the play-offs guys!

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Bev said...

Get you some pom pom's and a cute outfit and you can be a cheerleader for reals! I bet the team would love it!!! Double dog dare ya!